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3 Principals of Virginia Basement Remodeling

Your Virginia basement doesn’t have to be just another under appreciated and poorly decorated space. Who says your basement is limited to storage? You can renew that space and turn into something that’s for more usable, making it a living space worthy of being part of your home. All you need to do is stick to three common principles when remodeling your basement

Keep in mind that if your basement has never received any treatment at all then you’re going to need to the basics before you can move on with really customizing the area. You’ll need to start with finishing insulation and drywall, as exposed pipes and concrete isn’t a space that’s ready for creative design.

The first thing you can do is add light.Whether that lighting is natural or artificial, it will make a great deal of difference in the overall ambiance of your basement.Since most basements, being underground, happen to be rather dark and gloomy, then adding light is essential.

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement that’s slightly above ground, then take advantage by getting as many windows installed as possible so that natural light is never barred from coming in. You can even opt for window treatments that prevent gawking but allow natural light to slip into your basement.

If natural light just isn’t an option for you, then an abundance of artificial light with the ability to select different light levels will allow you to use your basement space for whatever you like. A lively place for a party or a moody place to settle in and mellow out with a loved one.

The next principle is to add color. A bright or dramatic color scheme would be ideal due to the darker nature of most basements. Bright colors and atypical colors add a lot of flare and personality to an otherwise uninviting space. Dealing with drab furniture as well? Try slipovers for couches and chairs to help them contribute to the overall color wash.

Finally, shoot for adding the right accessories. A basement should be a fun place for both children and adults to disappear to. One of the most desirable benefits of a basement is that it allows you to shut out the rest of the world. Whatever your passion, be it relaxing in peace or rocking out with a band, maybe even a giant audio/video system with a gaming system setup – the basement delivers on each

Since basements tend to accumulate stuff, try to keep your storage space to a section of the basement that is dedicated specifically for that. If you just can’t manage the space for storage, don’t sacrifice your newly remodeling Virginia basement – seek an alternative means for storage to keep the sanctity of your man cave intact. Think your options through, use your creative imagination and get with a general contractor to get your basement in shape today.

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