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Will Your Virginia Siding Withstand the Test of Time

You have the choice of several different materials when choosing your Virginia siding. One of the original materials still in use today is aluminum. Older style aluminum siding is easy to spot, you can probably tell from the sidewalk. The next time you go for a drive in north eastern Virginia, keep an eye on some of the older homes and you will easily be able to spot the aluminum siding.

Aluminum siding has become a symbol of the American home, the faithful companion to the white picket fence. For decades it has been the armor of our homes, protecting them from wind and weather. The image is iconic and unique to our part of the world, a testament to our commitment to quality.

It is hard to believe that it was once regarded as the poor man’s alternative to the much more expensive stilted siding that was much more common at the time. After a few years on the market, aluminum siding quickly replaced the older style because the metal is much more durable, and the installation is much easier as well. However in recent years, aluminum siding has itself begun to be replaced by much more economical vinyl alternatives.

While aluminum was never replaced completely, vinyl siding enjoyed its own boom some years ago. Vinyl siding became very popular for the exact same reasons that aluminum replaced wood; vinyl siding is easier to install, and cheaper to manufacture. The rising cost of the aluminum raw materials simply made aluminum more of a luxury item.

When comparing the two materials, aluminum is the clear winner when it comes to strength and longevity. If maintained properly, aluminum siding can practically last forever even in the harshest Virginia climates.  Much heavier duty than vinyl siding.

Vinyl does have a few advantages over aluminum. Vinyl resists denting and scratching better because of its less rigid nature. People have been known to roll a tire over a dented piece of vinyl siding and be able to remove the damage without leaving a noticeable mark. It is also lighter than aluminum siding which is what makes it so much easier to install.

Several disadvantages also come with vinyl siding. Vinyl really doesn’t take paint very well, so you had better really like the color you pick out when it is installed. Aluminum also resists the cold winter months in Virginia better than vinyl which can become very brittle in extremely cold temperatures, leading to cracks and broken pieces of siding.

Whichever material you choose to have your Virginia home’s siding made from, you can rest assured knowing you made an informed decision. Once it installed, you will barely be able to tell the difference anyway, as modern aluminum siding and vinyl siding are virtually indistinguishable once they are installed by a general contractor. It is your house, so it basically comes down to your preference.

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