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Why Plan Early For Your Northern Virginia Deck?

Large home improvement projects take time to plan. You need to move from the dreams in your head to sketches on paper and then on to designing and troubleshooting with your contractor. But all of that effort is worth it when you get to see the finished product – a Northern Virginia deck that suits your tastes and yard perfectly. Think about the many advantages to planning your deck project early.

Coming Up With the Best Deck Design

Not all decks are created equal. And not all come in a simple shape, with room for your BBQ and a patio table. The best deck designs are built to accommodate your family’s hobbies and lifestyle, as well as the lay of your property. Grading issues, the location of trees and gardens and various other factors need to be considered when designing your deck in order to ensure the area fits well into the space.

You may want to make a few sketches of various deck designs. Be sure to include the house walls in the sketch, along with any permanent fixtures including trees, sheds, driveways and walkways. Some things can be moved if necessary, but it’s best to start designing with those fixtures in mind. Experiment with different shapes and designs, put in multiple layers and think about the various types of railings available. When you begin this stage early, there’s plenty of time to play around before deciding on a final design.

Getting the Best Prices

Taking the time to plan your Northern Virginia deck project will help you secure the best prices as well. Not only will you be able to shop the project around and compare contractor rates, but you can also take advantage of pre-season rates. Many contractors offer early booking programs to help them get their season off to a strong start. You should always hire the best contractor for the job, despite the price, but you stand a better chance at nabbing these discounts by planning ahead.

Many product introductions also occur in the early spring, just in time for the backyard season. Check out what’s newly available; you may just find something that is perfect for your home or lifestyle. New composite decking products pop up almost every year, as well as fastening systems, railing designs and deck accessories. Ask your local contractors what’s appearing in their showrooms or browse the web to get a look at new and innovative products entering the deck industry this year. You may find a deal or be eligible for an introductory price.

Starting the Season Right

One of the biggest advantages to planning your deck early is the jump you’ll get on the season. Early planners are usually one of the first projects in the ground come springtime, providing more days of enjoyment on your new deck. If you’re coordinating the decking project with a new pool, fence or hot tub, scheduling can get a bit tricky. But planning ahead and keeping all of the various contractors up to date will ensure your backyard is ready to play around in as early as possible.

Make sure your Northern Virginia deck is built using the best design by planning early. Get a better price and start the season with a bang by starting the process long before installation. Time is on your side, and thoughtful planning will help you create that relaxing, cozy backyard space.

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