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Why Hire Virginia Deck Builders When You Can DIY?

Warmer weather draws us into the backyard, and a beautiful new deck would provide the perfect space for relaxation and outdoor entertainment. Many homeowners wonder whether they need to hire professional Virginia deck builders when DIY deck building is so popular.

Are you considering building a deck this summer? Find out why it may be wiser (and cheaper) to hire the pros for this particular backyard project.

The Importance of Posts and Framing

Setting solid deck posts and constructing a stable deck frame are essential for durable, safe decks. Although the big box building supply store may offer deck blocks – floating piers made to hold 4×4 deck posts – these products won’t always offer the support your deck requires.

Concrete deck piers set well below the frost line provide adequate support for any size deck. Are you prepared to dig several footings that deep – as much as 48-inches down?
Mixing the concrete is a chore as well. Many DIY enthusiasts are surprised by the difficulty of setting deck posts. Virginia deck builders have the equipment and skills to make short work of your deck posts. Efficient and affordable, you can always be sure that deck posts installed by the pros are deep and solid.

Constructing a stable frame involves precise measuring and assembly. All the weight of your deck will sit on this frame, and strong fasteners must be used to ensure safety and durability. Beams are mounted to the posts, and a series of joists are nailed or screwed together to sit on top of those joists.

Blocking and hardware connect the deck frame together, and all local building codes must be taken into account. This stage tends to be the most complicated, and can mean the difference between a steady deck and an unstable surface. Professionals have the experience to design and construct a solid deck frame on any property.

Railings and Stairs

Assembling and installing deck railing takes a fair bit of time. Wood railing posts must be mounted to the deck frame, while aluminum railing posts are available with surface mounting brackets. Composite railing products often come with post sleeves that fit carefully over an existing wood railing post.

Professional deck builders know exactly how to assemble and construct deck railings for optimum safety. Maintain a clear view with tempered glass railing and make the deck secure with railing gates at the top of your stairs and across any entrances. Post spacing and picket spacing need to be properly calculated, and sleepers under the bottom rails will prevent sagging. Dress up your deck with a well designed railing installed by the pros.

Longer sets of deck stairs are built using traditional stair stringers made from wood or metal. Small box steps (one step down) are simple to construct, but can’t be used on decks more than 1-foot off the ground. Professional deck contractors know all building codes governing the height of stair rises and width of the run, ensuring your new deck stairs are safe and comfortable. DIY enthusiasts have access to that information, but deciphering, calculating and constructing properly built stairs takes time and practice.

If you want to invest in a beautiful deck that adds value to your home and lifestyle, call your local Virginia deck builders for a quotation. Create the ideal backyard living space with the help of the pros, and let your DIY passions loose on another project.

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