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Virginia Siding – I’m Stucco On You

If you’re looking for a great way to update the exterior of your home to add that ever-delightful curb appeal and boost the value of a home, then Virginia siding is probably one of the most intelligent options you can go for, and you don’t even have to stick to the same old vinyl siding that everyone jumps on.

Be brave, venture out of the norm a bit and consider opting for stucco siding on your home. It may a bit of an eccentric choice but who can resist the style and flare that a nice smooth stucco wall can add to your home.

It’s done by pouring a special cement mix over a lathe or wire mesh frame, where mesh is the more common choice for many installs. Generally stucco gets finished with an acrylic finish that reinforces the final coat and protects it. The polymer expands and shifts with the temperature to prevent cracking and splitting in the cement.

You can look forward to very little maintenance when you install this type of siding and replacement is only necessary about every 40 years (some go longer). Not only do you get the benefit of low maintenance but stucco is heat and fire resistance so you can rest assured that your home is protected.

In Virginia, more modern installations are being performed to mimic stucco, and it’s increasing the affordability and popularity of this home remodel option. Cement is no longer used in some areas, as contractors spray foam over a fiberglass mesh. Its durable overall and last for years without cracking.

The downside (there’s always something) is that this type of modern stucco is fairly weak against high impact projectiles. Rocks kicked up by your mower, heavy hail storms and ninja stars could cause problems for your home exterior and force a little maintenance on you.

With stucco, you are getting multiple layers that lend themselves to efficiency when it comes to your heating and cooling. For those homeowners who want to make their home as green as possible, stucco is a great choice to trim your energy costs.

You certainly can’t talk about a stucco installation without considering the possibility of letting your artistic side come out. Not only can you adjust the color of your stucco as you’re mixing it but you can also imprint your own artistic designs that, once the stucco is dry, will last you for years to come. Let’s hope you have an eye for design – try to hold off on the stick figures in your Virginia siding.

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