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Virginia Siding-Eco Friendly Curb Appeal

It is hard enough to have a good looking home once your siding or fascia starts to show a little wear, and one night think that having “green” siding would be a waste of money and effort, but you can successfully bring both concepts together with some newer environmentally friendly Virginia siding for your house. Not only will the outcome be stunning, be responsible, and economical, too.

The exterior of your home takes the most abuse from the elements, possibly only second to the roof, with means that finding the best balance between durability and sustainability is a very difficult task, but constant R&D from the major manufacturers provides us with some truly outstanding products today.

Overcoming the myth that durable, energy saving Virginia Siding products is high maintenance and that getting a good life and value out of them is very expensive is a massive uphill climb. That is why you should talk to your general contractor about your options when you plan the redesign of your exterior, because they will have the best information about eco-friendly, energy efficient options for you.

You want to protect your home from the harsh effects of our cold Virginia winters, and you have a lot of options to choose from, such as wood, metal, plastic and many more. The advantages and disadvantages are unique to each material. Aside from the main quality of protecting your home from the elements, the choice of texture and preference of look is entirely up to you.

Wood siding is a classic look, but it demands quite a lot of the home’s caretaker. Regular maintenance such as staining or painting will be necessary for this kind of exterior.

An alternative to strictly using wood is fiber cement siding. The material is made of wood fibers and cement, and has the look and feel of real wood without the time consuming maintenance or initial cost of purchase. Fiber cement siding is able to shrug off the rigors of the weather, and termites don’t want any part of it. They are easily available pre colored and ready to install, which means you never have to worry about painting yourself.

Lastly there is another classic look that is becoming more and more popular on the east coast: Stucco Siding. Stucco is made of sand and lime, which basically means that you are covering your home in cement, which is highly weather resistant when sealed properly. There is a huge variety in your choices for textures and colors; you could even have a mural painted on it to make your Virginia home a true work of art.

When you go with “green” siding materials, the overall amount of energy used is reduced, and you can rest assured that you did your part to take a stand against waste. Better yet, your home will look like new from the outside, beautiful to everyone who passes by. You don’t have to live through another year of having the shabbiest home on the block when you take the time to invest in Virginia siding.

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