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Virginia Siding and Paint – A New Look Before Winter Bites

With some time left in the season before winter strengthens its icy grip, there is still an opportunity to outfit your home on the exterior to increase the overall curb appeal. There are a number of ways to improve your home with a little remodeling and renovation that won’t necessary break your budget before the holiday shopping season begins.

New Virginia Siding

Siding is always a bonus, especially when it’s this easy to replace on your home. Regardless of the exterior you currently have you can beef up the look of your home with new Virginia siding. There are a wide variety of options available on the market today from vinyl, wood to stucco. What you choose is really a matter of personal preference and how well the look goes with the overall architecture of the home.

Vinyl – holds up well over time and can retain the quality of its style and color for as long as 40 years if properly cared for. It doesn’t dent like siding or chip & rot like wood siding. It also comes in a broad range of colors for those who need something to match the other aspects of the home.

Wood – With the right kind of maintenance, your wood siding can last a number of years (climate dependent as well.) If you’re looking for the antiquated, outdoors, rustic look to a home then wood siding is an elegant choice to enhance the architecture and environment around the home.

Stucco – While “fun” isn’t the word most often associated with home improvement and remodeling (depending on your own hobbies) stucco is a great form of Virginia siding that is far more common on the west coast. It does however work well in other climates for those that want to emulate the “cowboy” feel. Stucco is also naturally resistant to fire and needs very little maintenance which ensures a long lasting finish on a home. For those with an artistic streak, stucco can be customized to suit your own styles – there’s no reason to be stuck with plain colors.

Metal – If you’re designing on a budget, aluminum and steel siding is a great choice. Though it’s not necessarily the cheapest type of siding you can purchase for a home it is easy to install and requires little maintenance and upkeep. Overall, the cost is less than other traditional siding methods.

Roofing updates

If you need to get it done, do it now before winter. Damaged shingles and sheeting can make it easy for ice to back up into the damaged areas and cause further problems. Leaks and collapsed roofing material can create a nightmare in the middle of the winter. With the added weight of snow and ice during the winter season, you don’t want to risk it if you think you might have some soft spots. You can always work with a Virginia general contractor to inspect your roof and let you know if repairs should be done immediately.

Exterior Painting

If siding isn’t your flavor and your roof still looks good then consider a Virginia paint company for some additional touch up around your home. The outside is just lipstick and rouge after all. Take the time to put a few fresh coats on the home and the shutters to bring out the luster and the beauty of your property. With all the dreary weather and the chaotic commutes through blizzards you’ll appreciate driving up to a home that looks stunning even against a backdrop of snow flurries.

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