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Virginia Home Improvement – Adding Instant Appeal to your Home

Homeowners are often concerned about getting the most value in their home when they start working on home improvement projects. In a perfect world, every update that we make would add to the overall value of our home and property – unfortunately that’s not always the case. However if you remodel in an efficient way with a Virginia general contractor then you can add instant appeal to your home. That visual appeal can transfer to perceived value which will help you recoup the costs involved in your updates and renovation.

Decks, Windows & Home Offices

Each of these three projects can help a homeowner recoup as much as 70% of their investment dollar of course more is possible depending on the buyer down the road. In the interim however each of these updates can make a home more comfortable. Decks offer the perfect conversion to the outdoor space and they add a significant amount of “living space” without the cost associated with a full on addition.

Windows and Virginia vinyl siding are also great for improving the visual appeal of a home, improving energy efficiency and enhancing the curb appeal.Each of these can improve the perceived value of a home.A more attractive home is likely to sell better.

Lastly, if you invest in a small office space then you have a good chance of appealing to the many people who run a small business from their home. A well-crafted office space can be a huge selling point for a potential buyer when it comes time for you to move on.

Hardwood Flooring and other Woodwork

Choosing the right materials during your remodel is extremely important. While cheap materials might look good initially and make you happy that you saved a bundle, how long will they last? The materials you choose will have a strong impact on the perceived value of the work and the home overall. Hardwood flooring is a great investment because it’s durable, warm and attractive in most rooms. Wooden trim has also made a comeback in the last decade including casework, wainscoting and other ornate moldings including chair and picture rails.

If you really want to save money but add a lot of ornate design and value to your home, start picking through salvage like the goods available at a Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. You can benefit form older architecture like doors, mantels and window sash to add unique character and a beautiful new look to your home for very little investment on the front end.

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