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Virginia General Contractor – Pulling Permits for Fun

It’s not really an entertaining process for anyone, but it’s one that shouldn’t be handled by the homeowner. Permits are the way that cities regulate construction and help ensure that the construction taking place within the city or township limits is done safely. The safety of the building occupants is the primary concern and the reason construction codes were developed. Most government agencies develop or adopt codes for constructions, mechanical, plumbing and electrical. In addition there are federal, state and local laws that govern the way construction is done. It’s all related to the permit process, and most home projects require a permit.

This can be a tedious process, and it’s not something a homeowner should be a part of or concerned about. If a Virginia contractor asks a homeowner to pull their own permits then it’s a red flag and it’s time to find someone else to handle the remodel. A homeowner should be able to rely on a contractor to navigate the permit process. Not only does it save the homeowner time and money but it removes the stress of paperwork and inspections.

Although homeowners are allowed to pull their own permits, it’s always best to leave that to the Virginia general contractor. There will be a number of questions from the building department that the homeowner isn’t often qualified to answer. Then, the homeowner becomes a middle man relaying information for the contractor. That’s simply not efficient.

Likewise, if the homeowner pulls the permits then they’re the ones responsible for the project. They’re the ones who have to answer to the local building inspectors during the inspection process. If they ask questions that once again the homeowner can’t address then there is a long delay while they consult with the general contractor to sort out issues. If the contractor deals with the permits directly then they become responsible for the permits and the work done – the inspector then deals directly with the contractor.

In the end, there’s money saved in order to get the permits handled by the contractor. You may have to pay the general contractor for several hours’ worth of labor but they’ll be able to handle it in the fastest means possible. However if a homeowner does it on their own then they will need to take time off work, and will spend a great deal more time handling paperwork and asking questions to get things completed.

If you’re planning a remodel with a general contractor, always ensure that the contractor will take care of handling and pulling the permits for the work that you’ll be doing in and around your home. A Virginia general contractor should be interested in making the job simple. At Paragon, you can count on that kind of commitment with every remodel project.

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