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Virginia Decks – Building a Deck with a View

Most decks are nothing more than a luxury designed raised patio. Other than the real convenience of walking out of the second floor onto your new Virginia deck, the view is the main reason for developing an upper deck on your home. When you start thinking about the view, where on your property can you get a better view than the roof? A rooftop deck gives you the best view of sunsets, countryside, city skylines and more. Now you can enjoy the stellar view from a more comfortable area.

A deck on the roof of your home shares some similarities to building a standard deck though there are still plenty of differences. The primary difference is that unless your roof was originally designed to accommodate a deck the installation is going to occur on a greatly slanted surface. Many homeowners work around this by opening the attic space and creating a deck that extends from within the attic. You lose some attic space but you have a level area to work with. The interior essentially becomes the exterior.

When you create a deck, you’ll need to ensure that regardless of the manner through which its designed that your roof can withstand the weight of the addition. The larger the deck, the greater the weight on the roof and upper attic space.

Roof decks thankfully do have a pre-existing building surface so they don’t require as much support as a raised deck that’s been built up from the ground, or one that’s anchored to a the exterior of the home. With a roof deck, the cost is limited to the size of the deck and the material you use, much like a simple deck on the ground. There is no added cost of raising the deck and supporting it from the ground since it’s fixed to the roof of the home.

The main difference between a roof deck and other decks is that the deck is indeed anchored into the home. That makes the Virginia roof deck a bit of a different beast and not an ideal project for DIY lovers. If installed improperly you can put yourself and your family at risk, damage your roof and alter the structural integrity of the home. It’s best to leave this time of addition to a professional Virginia deck installer.

When you’re planning your roof deck, you also need to consider the tree landscaping around the property. You may not have any trees close to overgrowing the roof at the moment but how big will the trees get in several years? Will they block the view of your chosen location? Will they shed debris all over your deck or create a perch for birds to defecate on your deck on a daily basis? Proper planning will ensure that you can enjoy your deck for years to come.

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