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Virginia Bathroom Remodeling – The Functional Cabinet Remodel

You simply cannot overestimate how important the bathroom space is in your home, and not just from a functional standpoint but from a point of comfort as well. Take a look at home listings and next to the number of bedrooms you’ll find the number of bathrooms. That’s why Virginia bathroom remodeling is so important.

Given the amount of time spent in the bathroom, it’s a safe bet to say that the bathroom has a lot of influence over the value of a home. The space itself is just a canvas, it’s important to decorate and remodel your bathroom in a way that will reflect character, style and functionality.

Cabinets speak a lot about the style of the homeowner and they come in a variety of styles. From the simplistic models off the shelf at Home Depot to the small box medicine cabinets or the elegant, custom made cabinets that are unique to your home – remodeling your bathroom will require some special considering for how you’ll store things.

Cabinets are primarily meant to be storage spaces, and often the most enjoyable effect in the bathroom is to have a number of cabinets joined together to get the most storage space in a streamlined design. This tends to be the most efficient use of the storage space that’s available.

This is certainly true of smaller bathrooms where every square foot counts and needs to be used wisely. When you’re working with limited space, as many Virginia homeowners must do, putting new cabinets in goes beyond how they look or whether or not they hold all the items you need – you want to make sure that you’ll still be able to move around without dodging cabinet doors.

You’ll want to find a general contractor who is able to work with confined spaces and apply creative interior design techniques that will not only match but improve the overall function of your bathroom remodeling project.

One of the most widely used techniques is to extend the bathroom storage space out into the hall. Your bathroom may not be big enough to house a cabinet system that’s built into the wall but you can get the perfect linen closet installed just outside of the bathroom where access is still easy.

Storage space aside, you’ll also need to carefully consider the materials that you want to use in your bathroom. It’s important to make sure that cabinet material is designed to stand up to moisture. The primary difference between the materials wood, wood veneer and other material options circles primarily around decorative cohesion. You just need to find the material that works best in your home and matches your overall cohesive style guidelines.

If you’re already boasting wood cabinets in the rest of your house, it would make sense to stick to that, unless you’re trying to remodel the bathroom in an effort to create a new and very different space. New cabinets in a bathroom along with any kind of new flooring can not only revitalize your living space but can make your bathroom one of the most comfortable rooms in your home, just in case you’re looking for somewhere to get away.

Virginia bathroom remodeling doesn’t require a complete gutting of your bathroom either. A general contractor can work with you to tackle small sections of the bathroom remodeling at a time so that the project stays within your budget and you get the new bathroom you’ve been scheming after for ages.

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