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Varied Styles of Virginia Siding

One of the first methods of protecting your home is northern Virginia siding.  While many consider it just decoration that gives your homes its look and color, siding does more than that.  It protects your home from weather and damaged from severe storms.

The rain reflects off of the siding before it can soak the more delicate components it protects.  Siding typically begins at the room, and in overlapping rows runs right down to the foundation of the home.  Like shingles on a roof, this overlap uses part of each piece to protect the piece below for overlapping protection, all which directs water downwards. There are many different products you can use in Virginia siding, including cedar shingles, PVC plastic, and aluminum.

One new method in Virginia siding is vinyl siding.  PVC plastic is an inexpensive material, and is surprisingly durable.  PVC also is more resistant than wood or metal, allowing greater protection for the walls beneath.  As a plastic, PVC will not rust, rot or corrode, making a durable long term type of siding that will look good for a number of years.  It resembles wood siding, but at a fraction of the cost.  Use of PVC plastic for northern Virginia siding is a great option for those who want inexpensive siding that will last for years to come, taking many forms of abuse and lasting through them.

Older and more natural in the world of Virginia siding is the use of cedar shingles. Shingles of cedar naturally resist water while maintaining a classical wood look.  To protect them from the elements, numerous steps are taken to enhance the woods natural resistance to rot and mildew.  This is a great choice for those who want their home to resemble a classical wooden home, or for those who disdain the use of plastics. Cedar shingles will certainly separate your house from the others around with more classical northern Virginia siding.

One classic alternative to wood or PVC in northern Virginia siding is aluminum siding.  Aluminum is a lightweight metal, but also strong and resistant to corrosion.  There is very little maintenance, and no risk of fading with aluminum as the paint is extremely durable and weather resistant.  Aluminum is extremely resistant to damage and the pounding of rains and snows.  While aluminum can dent, it is will not split like wood or PVC.

Aluminum doesn’t rust either, though it can oxidize if holes are punched through it and it which are not cared for.  Aluminum like other siding and shingles is made into overlapping strips that cover one another to keep water out.  Aluminum is flexible however and can be installed in some pretty tight places.  Aluminum siding is a type of Virginia siding that is low in cost, resistant to wear and tear, and durable.

Your northern Virginia siding defines your house, and thus appearance becomes a significant factor in choosing which type of siding to use.  Keep in mind however that there are examples of each type almost everywhere, and a short drive around the neighborhood can show you each type.  Choose the one that is right for your house and it will last you a very long time.  People may ask you someday why you chose the Virginia siding you did, and you can now tell them with confidence which one you chose.

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