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Upgrading Your Virginia Bathroom On A Dime

It’s pointless to worry about trying Virginia bathroom remodeling on a budget. That just makes you depressed when you can’t gut your bathroom all at once and simply redo it. But who says you really need to do that in the first place? Consider some simpler updates to your bathroom.

You’ve got a lot of choices here from simple tile updates to lighting and cabinetry work. Even the hardware around your bathroom like faucets and towel racks can make a big difference in the way you see your bathroom.

Whatever you decide to do just remember that your work in the bathroom is going to affect your daily routine. Since you’re involved in that room daily you don’t want to shut it down or make it to difficult for you or your family to function on a daily basis until the work is done. Little projects help avoid interruptions.

Tile is one of the small projects that you can do easily. If you can’t afford to put tile down across the whole bathroom, then don’t. Try some smaller spaces to accent various areas of your bathroom. Tile will add a lot of value as part of your bathroom renovation.

Now, before you try stripping the cabinets out of your bathroom and putting in new bathroom cabinets take a moment to think about just resurfacing the cabinet faces and putting a new top on it. If the cabinets are sound and the design ok, why get rid of them?

Another favorite option for people completing a bathroom renovation is new lighting or adjustment of existing lighting. Recessed lights, dimmers, lighting behind glass – it can all create a mood that adds a lot of depth to your bathroom.

Modernize your bathroom with some new fixtures as well. Try upgrading your faucet to a new brass model or something that gleams brightly in the lighting. If you’re not up for flashy bathroom faucet replacement then consider an electronic faucet with an auto-sensor so that you can go touch-free while washing your hands.

Last but not least there’s the easiest update that fits within the budget of every homeowner. Virginia bathroom renovation was never easier than painting your walls and bringing in some new color and depth. For the cost of a dinner for two at Olive Garden with wine and desert you can give your bathroom a completely fresh coat of paint. It’s the simple things that we love, and nothings more simple than little bathroom renovations.

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