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Types of Flooring Available for Your Remodeled Basement

It’s time to cash in on the fruits of your labor. You took the time, checked every possible thing that could be checked and have found that your Northern Virginia basement is dry as a bone. You even waited out a few of the heavy Spring showers just to be certain. Now that you’ve gotten past the most serious hurtle in Virginia basement remodeling, you can now get to the best part: choosing the type of flooring you want for your basement.

If you’re not sure what kind of flooring is available for your basement, here’s a list of just a few of the materials available to help you create your perfect Virginia basement:

  • Laminate flooring.Laminate is a great material for basement flooring.Laminate flooring is low in cost, is durable, and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs, making it a designer’s dream come true.Laminate floors are made of a wood base (which is moisture resistant), a backing, and a decorative surface that’s covered with a clear coat that prevents against scratching and stains.When choosing what laminate you’d like to use, be sure to double check with the manufacturer or store associate so you don’t pick any laminates that aren’t made for basements.
  • Engineered floor. For those of you who are determined to have the look of hardwood in your Virginia basement but you’re not brave enough to go for hardwood, the best alternative is engineered flooring. Engineered flooring is made of up to three to five layers of different hardwood materials that are layered together in a way to prevent moisture from penetrating the wood. This is a much better option than hardwood which can easily be warped with just a little bit of moisture. Engineered flooring also comes in a variety of different wood colors so you can still find the color of wood you’re looking for without the threats that come with it.
  • Ceramic tile. Ceramic tile is another great option for a dry Virginia basement.Not only are there tons of designs and colors to choose from but ceramic tile can be installed directly onto a cement floor (assuming your current basement floor theme is cement).Ceramic tiles are also scratch resistant, which is a great feature if you decide to make your basement into your next recreation room.
  • Painting or staining your cement. If you decide to be cost effective and decide against adding layers to your floor, another option you can use to spice up your Virginia basement is staining or painting your cement flooring. Paints and stains now come in thousands of different colors and is very easy to do. Another great thing about staining is if you should choose to change your basement theme, changing the color doesn’t involve any hardcore renovation.

No matter what type of basement flooring material you choose, be it laminate, ceramic tile, engineered flooring or even just staining or painting your cement floor, you’ll be able to create the right atmosphere for your Virginia basement.

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