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Top Virginia Deck Ideas For Family Fun

Whether you are in the thick of raising your kids or enjoying being a grandparent, backyard fun is a major part of your life. Designing that outdoor space for maximum enjoyment and safety takes careful consideration and these top Virginia deck ideas are the ideal place to start.

Deck Designs For Young Families

With babies and toddlers moving around out on the deck, texture and safety become the two most important issues in design. Think about composite materials that eliminate splinters and require very little maintenance. And be sure that railings are made from durable materials as well, such as aluminum or tempered glass. Building codes specify the spacing and height required for optimum safety, but don’t forget to include railing gates at the stairs to keep your little ones from falling.

Design your deck to have one level only and be sure it is installed just below the patio door sill. This flat, open space provides plenty of area for your kids to play safely. Avoiding a big step down also makes it easy for short legs to move in and out of the house.

Deck Designs For Multi-Generation Families

Family gatherings that include all of the generations create priceless memories. Design your Virginia deck to allow for maximum comfort when the whole family is over and these events will be better than ever. Include an open area for the dining table, at least 14 feet square and close to the patio doors. Then consider designing supplemental seating areas around that main deck, perhaps on upper or lower levels.

Plan your deck like your interior living space. Arrange various seating areas where smaller groups can gather and place the largest area close to the food. An outdoor kitchen provides the perfect spot for grilling and serving drinks, while a grouping of comfy lounge chairs will attract everyone at one time or another. Be sure to include a few private nooks as well, spots where couples can snuggle under a shady canopy or kids can grab a short nap in the breeze.

Deck Designs For Small Yards

Many suburban family homes have limited backyards. In most cases a bit of grass and a garden leaves very little space for a deck. But family homes need an area for outdoor eating, grilling and relaxing. Patios work for ground level homes and those houses with a walkout design need to install a deck. Maximize your space by designing a single-level deck with glass railings for a clear view and open atmosphere.

Leave off the stairs if possible, or design them with a landing to avoid taking up too much room in the yard. Ask a decking contractor to come over and take a look. At that time you can go over a few different ways to make the most of your limited backyard space.

Families need to have an outdoor area at home, the ideal place for play and making memories. These Virginia deck ideas will give you direction on how to design space that provides the area and function that your family needs. Creating a comfortable outdoor room is important and allows your family to spend valuable time together.

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