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Top Virginia Deck Designs for Privacy

We all love to spend time in the backyard relaxing, playing with the kids or cooking up a grilled dinner. But most families desire a certain amount of privacy in their outdoor living space. Consider these top Virginia deck designs that add privacy in stylish, affordable ways, perfect for the suburban backyard.

Privacy Screens

These tall, fence-like structures are the most common way to create privacy on a backyard deck. Install them in place of a railing and in locations that create the most amount of privacy without overshadowing deck space and leaving you with that ‘boxed in’ feeling.

Privacy screens provide the option of dressing up and personalizing your Virginia deck as well. Include a scalloped top plate on a wooden privacy screen or a higher beam to hang potted plants from. Or how about installing a decorative panel into a portion of the screen, to add color and style? Consider the screen’s shape, height, and direction of the boards to create a privacy screen that’s as individual as your home.

Gazebos and Screened In Porches

Incorporate a gazebo into the corner of your deck to create a nook for a dining table or lounge chair. Screen in the side walls for semi-private viewing and protection from bugs and pests, or grow greenery and vines to create natural privacy. Having a roof over this portion of your deck also blocks the view from above – a common issue with suburban houses packed tightly together.

Think about how a gazebo could be used to create an outdoor room, and how you could creatively cover one of the walls, or block in most of the structure to ensure privacy. Pergolas also provide an overhead structure suitable for vines, shades and other impromptu set ups.

Moving Up in the World

If you have a walkout elevation, or your home has a sliding glass door on the second floor, consider building a deck in that location as opposed to on the ground. The height actually creates more privacy, as long as your neighbor’s windows are not in the line of sight. Elevated decks also provide a lovely view from your patio furniture, and make good use of space.

Designing a walkout deck involves longer posts, higher railings and more stairs than a standard ground level project. But these challenges are easily handled by a professional decking contractor, who’ll also have suggestions about railing styles and landings that will keep that opening feeling in your yard, while providing a private deck space up above.

Will Planting Trees Work for Privacy?

You can also plant thick evergreen trees at the property lines to create an effective wind barrier that also blocks the view. But these trees will spread as time goes by, and landscaping requires more maintenance than a simple privacy screen or gazebo.

You need privacy in your outdoor living space, allowing for relaxation and peace on the property. Consider incorporating some of these top Virginia deck designs to create privacy in the backyard. From screens to upper levels and gorgeous gazebos, deck features that craft solitude in your yard are well worth the investment.

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