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25 virginia bathroom remodeling apps

Top Four Apps to Help With Your Virginia Bathroom Remodeling Project

Tackling a Virginia bathroom remodeling project can be hard work. You have countless decisions ahead of you, along with several to-do lists, receipts to pay and schedules to coordinate. Whether you’re embarking on the DIY route or hiring a Virginia contractor to handle the work bathroom remodeling requires dedication.

These top four smart phone and tablet apps are designed to make the job easier, and include essential tips, tricks and tools for all things involved in a bathroom renovation.

Evernote — For Overall Project Organization

Used by people around the world, this handy, free app provides access from almost any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop) and syncs automatically. Use it to make notes about the project, keep track of your budget and even organize clippings from your favorite web pages.

Evernote allows you to share notes, making communication between homeowner and contractor a breeze. Store copies of emails, receipts, bill of ladings and any other paperwork in digital format for quick reference. This app does it all and comes with a seamless, easy to follow interface. It’s the mother of all organization apps and can be used for everything from bathroom remodeling projects to trip planning and taxes.

Houzz — For Design Ideas and Decorating offers a plethora of design ideas for any style and budget. With high res images and stats from manufacturers and designers, this one-stop quick link to the popular website is indispensable during the design stage.

Browse the free app in your spare time and create an “ideabook” specifically targeted on your Virginia bathroom remodeling project. This virtual scrapbook allows you to store images of plumbing fixtures, flooring, vanities, room layouts, window treatments and paint colors that suit your tastes.

Having the Houzz app on your smart phone or tablet allows you to bring those images along while shopping, making sure you get exactly what you want every time.

Wunderlist — For Keeping Track of Your Lists

You may not be a natural list-taker, but renovation projects bring out the maniacal lister in all of us. Use Wunderlist to keep all of these handy reminders in one place, and revel in the cross-platform design and instant syncing across multiple devices.

Wunderlists allows you to create countless lists, crossing off each item as it’s done and rearranging things as priorities change. Print off the list to tack on your fridge or keep the app open on your desktop for fast access. Share your Wunderlist files with anyone, including the contractor, supplier and all others who need to be kept accountable during the renovation project.

Home Design 3D — For Creating the Ideal Room Layout

You’ll find a selection of home design apps suitable for your device, and many of them are free. Home Design 3D comes with a small price tag, but this app allows for eye-catching 3D viewing that surpasses the competition.

Design your new bathroom layout, including fixtures and furniture, and then view. This feature makes it simple to experiment with different layouts, and allows you to share the overall vision with your contractor once the final design has been hammered out.

Use your smart phone and tablet, along with these four essential apps to enjoy a smoother Virginia bathroom remodeling project. Organization, accountability, design ideas and layout are simple with the help of technology and the creative minds behind these apps.

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