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Tips on Planning Your Northern Virginia Basement Remodeling Project

Finishing the basement creates extra space at an affordable price, and often helps to significantly improve the value of your home. So how can you properly plan your Northern Virginia basement remodeling project to help make the most of this renovation? Carefully and with the help of a pro, of course.

Start With a Vision

How do you envision the new space? Is it bright and open, or should the area be separated into bedrooms and a home office? Consider the atmosphere you want to create, along with what you’ll use the space for.

Jot down some ideas, clip pictures from magazines or use an online pin-up board to collect images of the space as you envision it. This information will help your contractor immensely, and adds clarity to the communication between you and the Northern Virginia basement remodeling contractor.

Consider What You Currently Have

Is your basement partially finished? You may have studs on the wall, with or without insulation. Some homes offer a dated finished basement, presenting wood paneling or other older building materials that are desperately in need of replacement. Any aspect of the project that is complete needs to be carefully examined. Is it best to replace the existing materials, or have they retained their quality?

You may be able to work with what’s currently in your basement, freshening up the area with a nice coat of paint. But that depends on whether the existing features fit into the vision as outlined earlier.

Remember HVAC and Plumbing

Your home may have a plumbing rough in – a spot where the drain, vent and water service have been brought into the home and temporarily blocked until a real bathroom is installed. This feature makes bathroom installation easier and more affordable. Basement bathrooms are possible without a rough in, but your contractor will need to break through the concrete floor to run the plumbing. This will also be necessary if the location or the layout of the rough in won’t work.

Your HVAC system is just as important downstairs as it is upstairs. You need fresh, dry air that can be controlled with the furnace or air conditioner. Vents and registers are required in any basement renovation project. And duct work may need to be moved to account for walls, doorways and traffic areas. All of this work needs to be handled by a licensed professional.

Your plumbing contractor may be able to handle installing the gas fireplace, and your mechanical contractor can be sure the space is warm in winter and cool in summer. These design elements may not make a major difference to the overall look of the space, but HVAC and plumbing certainly support the function of your new basement.

It may be tempting to try DIY on your basement renovation. But for a truly comfortable space that adds maximum value to your home, hire an experienced contractor to handle the construction. Plan your Northern Virginia basement remodeling project well and this area will become a favorite place in your home.

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