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Tips on Adding a Sound System to Your Northern Virginia Deck

Sound systems create a relaxing atmosphere in any area of your home, and there’s no better place to kick back and listen to tunes than in the backyard. Adding a quality, durable sound system to your Northern Virginia deck requires a few essential components and an eye (or is it ear?) for detail. Find out how you can enjoy music while lounging in your outdoor living space this season.

Material List for Outdoor Sound Systems

This type of entertainment center requires a few easy to find components, including:

  • Outdoor Speakers – invest in quality speakers specifically designed for outdoor use. They often come with rubber grommets protecting the wire entrance point and sealed compartments at connection points. Casing is waterproof and superior brands provide added corrosion protection with gold-plated binding posts.
  • Wire – unless you opt for wireless speakers, outdoor sound systems require speaker wire running from the receiver to each speaker. Direct burial or DB wire is recommended for use with outdoor systems, and standard speaker wire cannot withstand the exposure to sun and moisture.
  • Conduit – may be required for systems running on 120-volt wire, although other system designs do not require conduit.

Placement and Overall Deck Design Considerations

Outdoor speakers come in a few different styles or designs. The most popular are wall-mount, post-mount and planter styles. Other outdoor speakers come disguised in an outdoor accessory, such as a resin rock, garden sculpture or tree stump.

Speaker design and placement play major roles in reliability and sound quality. Well made speakers produce excellent sound in any weather, season after season. Proper placement ensures your family and guests will enjoy the tunes from any corner of your Northern Virginia deck.

Wall-mount speakers point slightly down, toward the deck surface, and project sound to the entire yard. This type of placement may disturb your neighbor, since the echo tends to be louder just outside the perimeter of your property. Wall-mount outdoor sound systems are the most economical and simple to install, since they require less wire than alternative placements.

Post-mount speakers contain the sound within the deck area. Installed around the perimeter of your deck, these speakers point back toward the house. Post-mount applications require more wire and installation time, driving costs higher and demanding the skills of a professional.

Accessory styles can be placed at various locations to provide spot sound, most often near patio furniture or lounging areas. They tend to be low to the ground, and project less sound than the other two styles. Speakers disguised as outdoor accessories are often wireless, but require batteries to operate.

Contractor Considerations

Talk to your Virginia deck builder about incorporating an outdoor sound system into your deck design. They can run speaker wire through conduit mounted to the joists and leave space grommets and other connection components in the ledger board. An experienced deck builder can help to pinpoint deck designs that may facilitate better sound and furniture placement, optimizing your outdoor experience and making the most of your outdoor sound system investment.

Add a sound system to your Northern Virginia deck for parties, socializing and everyday relaxation. With these tips and the help of your deck builder, creating an entertainment center in the backyard is easier than ever.

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