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Three Simple steps to plan a better Virginia Basement

Thinking the old house might need a little remodel? Upgrading your Virginia basement might just be the way to go. Your current basement might be a dark, dingy place, only used for storage and laundry, but it could be so much more. A nice game room or second family rooms are both beneficial features to a current resident, or for resaleability.

A finished basement adds a civilized feel to a home and best of all keeps your less essential items nice and dry. Combining both form and function, you may find that you end up spending the majority of your time in your new basement, especially on those hot summer days!

Step One: Plan it out!

Without a proper plan, any remodeling project is doomed to failure before it even begins. The goals, of course are to increase your property value, add new living spaces and hide some of the less appealing appliances in your home (I’m talking about you, furnace). A fair amount of time must be spent planning out the actual layouts and materials needed to accomplish your remodel.

While many home owners aren’t themselves architects that may still begin the process with a clear idea of what they want out of their new basement. Which features are most important to you? When you know what you want, contact a contractor and together you will be able to better determine the cost and timeframe of your project.

The contractor may even have a few ideas that you hadn’t even dreamed of to improve the overall outcome.

Step Two: Know your options!

Any basement can become an extremely versatile space when you perform the right improvements. If your basement takes in water, it would be necessary to waterproof every outer wall, but that is strictly practical. What we really want o think about are the fun places. How about a Pool room or a wet bar? Always dreamed of a Home Theatre or a room just for watching The Big Game?

If you are a person blessed with a large family, a new bedroom or guest room might be a viable option. Your remodeled basement might just pay for itself if you turn it into its own rentable apartment. From workshops to playrooms, the list goes on and on.

Step Three: Estimate a Budget!

Remodeling projects are like Rice Crispies, no two are exactly the same. Your first concern should be that the cost of the project can be recovered in resale value. Your Virginia basement is quite likely to appraise for most if not all of the cost of construction in added value. Income properties are almost certain to pay off in the long run, as a private apartment with all of the trimmings will continuously bring in more money.

So that $20,000-$60,000 might seem like a huge amount of money now, but when you follow these quick steps here before calling a contractor, you stand to gain not only a gorgeous new space, but also the peace of mind that it was money well spent.

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