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The Long Lasting Benefit Of An Accent Wall

Homes are originally designed to attract the eyes and attention of potential homeowners. One of the best ways to do that is to make a home look like it could be lived in, where prospects can see themselves within a home. This includes stark white walls from Virginia painters during the build process

Contractors and designers stick with natural, neutral colors that lend themselves to imprinting from someone viewing the home and simple colors make that entire process simple.

Of course the last thing you want when you settle into a new home is to be surrounded by bleached white interior painting that’s dull and drab.

White walls can open up the space in your home but they can also suck the life and motivation out of you if the bulk of the surfaces in your home lack color. That kind of space doesn’t lend itself to productivity as it becomes more institutional and impersonal.

That super white wall is also difficult to keep clean, especially in a home with children or the traditional red blooded blue collar worker who gets his hands dirty each day. Because most of us want our homes to feel welcoming and inviting we need to give the walls of our homes a touch of life and a splash of color.

Many homeowners fear those brave color choices but don’t shy away from making a bold statement with the walls in your home. Keep in mind that you don’t have to paint every wall in your home the same color. Or even every wall within a room the same color.

Accent walls can do a lot to bring out the life and character of a home and the people that live within.For any kind of room, it can be a little overwhelming to slap a hard red tone on every wall and ceiling.That bold color can be overpowering, especially if it has a heavy, unappealing contrast with the furniture.

If you plaster that color on just a single wall in a room however, then you’re only giving the room a light accent. You can use a single accent wall, a remarkably simple job for Virginia painters, to add some of the most beautiful design to a home. You’ll be able to push the white back just enough so that each room is comfortably open yet contains its own custom design from the color you choose.

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