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virginia master bathroom remodeling

Simple Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Virginia Homes

Looking for a small and affordable project to get the remodel rolling? How about doing some touchups and updates to your master bathroom? Any changes you make with Virginia bathroom remodeling are bound to make a big difference in your daily routine.

Build out your space

A lot of homeowners complain that they don’t have enough space in their master bath. In Virginia homes, bathroom remodeling can help you expand that space in any direction whether you need physical space or just some extra storage.

It might seem like a big task to move or knock down a wall but that’s the most extreme choice. Your Virginia bathroom remodeling project doesn’t need to be taken that far. Try just adding a larger window or skylight to allow more natural light in creating the effect or feeling of more space.

Got storage?

Most of us have more stuff than we probably need in our master bathroom. If you have a spouse, then it’s probably even worse. Many bathrooms tend to have a shortage of storage space, with contents spilling out of cabinets and off of shelves. If this is what your bathroom looks like in Virginia, bathroom remodeling is probably a good idea. Add cabinets, increase the size of the medicine cabinet, get a bigger vanity, hang cupboards, dig holes, add a bench that doubles as storage, etc.

Update flooring

If you want to modernize your master bathroom with renovation, then your Virginia home would certainly benefit from new flooring choices. The top of the pot would be ceramic tile of course but there are many who opt for natural stone in their Virginia bathroom remodeling projects.

Don’t let the idea of a chilly floor in the winter months scare you away. While you’re doing bathroom renovation in Virginia you might as well prep for chilly mornings and install some radiant heating in the floor. This provides a warm place for your toes to wake up while you’re brain is struggling to keep up.

The most relaxing place

It shouldn’t be the bathroom, but it always ends up being just that. Who can help it? We love spending quiet time in what many houses have to be the only locking room in the joint. It’s no surprise then that most of us want to add a touch of luxury to our daily routine. Virginia bathroom remodeling is the perfect opportunity to spice up the old master bath to create a truly calming environment. Neutral colors, vases, plants, candles, a garden tub, a few servants to hold the palm fans. That’s the kind of pleasure most people look for in Virginia bathroom remodeling.

Try to change the lighting as well. Look into low-energy, soft glow bulbs that don’t burn as brightly. Or shuck the bulbs all together and bring in some beautiful scented candelabras or wall sconces to help light the room. Recessed lighting can give that luxury feeling by highlighting accent points or décor while leaving the majority of the room in a dull, soft glow.

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