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Should You Use Drywall in Your Virginia Basement Project?

Have you wandered through a local home show recently, scanning the booths and gathering ideas for your latest home renovation project? If you’re planning on finishing your Virginia basement, home shows offer an incredible opportunity to connect with contractors, obtain rough prices and get up close and personal with various products.

Many homeowners wonder about using drywall and consider the benefits of innovative products such as fiberglass basement wall panels. Is drywall the most affordable option? Will you end up with mold and be forced to replace the drywall in a few years? Is it worth the added investment to install “waterproof” wall paneling systems?

Address these questions before finishing the basement to ensure you’ve made the best decision for your home.

Benefits of Installing Drywall in the Basement

Drywall is simple to work with, and can be used to finish walls, ceilings, bulkheads and archways. With a skilled basement contractor your basement renovation will be finished to the same level of quality seen in the balance of your home – smooth walls painted in your preferred color or covered in wall paper.

Drywall is also relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to insulated basement panels. Consider the cost of installing a drop ceiling compared to the cost of drywalling the basement ceiling – you’re often looking at paying more that double the cost to go with drop ceilings. Although that product provides access to the floor joists above and can be easily repaired or replaced, the higher upfront cost deters many homeowners. Drywall ceilings are common on every floor of your home.

Drywall provides an attractive finish and allows for custom paint. Most fiberglass basement wall panels come in one color, or a limited selection of neutral colors. If you want a certain design or décor style in your Virginia basement, drywall is likely the better choice.

Benefits of Fiberglass Basement Wall Panels

Most manufacturers and contractors call this product a basement finishing system. Panels notch together or are mounted in framing, similar to the grid used on drop ceilings. The walls present a smooth face, and may support wall hangings like picture frames and flat-screen televisions. Find out the structural stability of the wall panels before mounting anything.

One of the biggest benefits of fiberglass panels is mold and moisture resistance. These insulated panels are made from non-organic materials, robbing mold spores of the nutrients required to grow. Fans of these systems falsely claim that every drywall basement has mold issues, but you are much more likely to encounter mold using drywall than you are with these fiberglass product.

It’s important to note that fiberglass wall panels are not waterproof; they’re simply moisture resistant. Using this product will not fix any current water problems and wall panels still need to be replaced after water damage or flooding.

Removable basement wall panels offer ready access to the foundation, electrical and mechanical systems located behind the wall. This can be an advantage when changes are made to the electrical or heating systems, or cracks develop in the foundation. Insulated panels offer an effective sound barrier as well, helping make the basement a more relaxing spot.

Whether you opt for traditional drywall, or invest in a fiberglass basement wall system, finish your Virginia basement with careful planning and an expert contractor. Those factors will produce a more comfortable, valuable space for your family.

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