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Shed Some Light on Energy Efficient Windows

You’re a homeowner and you’ve got some windows on your house.  In fact, when you moved in, your house was already built, windows and all.  Unlike most home repairs, Virginia replacement windows might not be the first thing that comes to mind.  After all, the age old saying comes to mind “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  Although your windows may not appear to be physically broken, that doesn’t mean it’s not time to contact your northern Virginia window company for replacement windows.

Depending how old your house is, the windows that were installed before you moved in are probably not energy efficient.  You’ve no doubt heard the term “energy efficient” but what does that mean to you?  Isn’t it just a sales term? Energy efficient windows are not just ways companies have come up with to get your money; in fact, energy efficient windows save you money.  They also do a number of other things like improving your comfort, get less condensation, increase the light and the view, and reduce fading of items in your home.

How does an energy efficient window do all of these things that your current windows don’t?  Energy efficient windows are filled with one of two types of gas:  Argon or Krypton gas.  The gas acts as a mirror and reflects heat back into your house while deflecting heat and cold outside.  This can improve your comfort level as you will no longer get cold when you stand or sit by your windows since the heat coming off your own body will be reflected back at you instead of transferring outside.

Another thing that makes these energy efficient Virginia replacement windows a better choice is that they have a higher internal temperature then normal windows.  Although a higher internal temperature sounds like a fairly pointless feature, it actually makes a huge difference on your windows.  A higher internal temperature helps to reduce condensation and frost.  This reduction of condensation will reduce mold problems which can save you tons of money.

Another great thing about getting your Virginia window replacement project started is that you’ll be getting out the dark and back into the light.  Basically, by getting new energy efficient windows, you’ll be getting more light in your house.  Unlike your old windows, energy efficient windows don’t have to be tinted.  Your old windows were tinted in order to cut back on the solar heat coming through your window as well as the fading of your pictures.  By using energy efficient Virginia replacement windows, you’ll no longer have to rely on tinting.  Instead, these windows use new types of glazing and low-solar-gain Low-E so they can reflect the light properly, eliminating the need for tinting.

While energy efficient windows sounds like a sales catch phrase, rest assured that they are much more than a sales gimmick.  By getting energy efficient Virginia replacement windows instead of keeping your current out dated windows, you’ll be making a smart decision not only for your wallet but for your comfort.

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