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Quality Interior Paint Contractors at the Ready

Many a homeowner has undertaken the DIY interior painting journey, but it’s a lot harder to paint in consistent layers, in a timely manner, with a finished look you’re proud to show off.

For over 15 years, Paragon Remodeling has worked to save homeowners from the torture of DIY interior painting before it spirals out of control. If you have a home in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington DC, want to save time and money on a beautiful new interior paint then discover the possibilities of working with our experienced painters.

Want to update the colors throughout your home but not sure where to start or what colors to choose? We can provide all the info and details to help get your project started.

The Benefits of a Repainting Your Home Interior

Not sure if you’re ready to pull the trigger on repainting your home’s interior? Consider the benefits when making your decision:

  • You can update the finish, like switching to washable paint with a growing family.
  • Updated colors you’re more comfortable with make it easy to relax and enjoy your time at home.
  • Fresh paint done by professionals can dramatically increase the resale value of a home and make it more presentable when being sold.
  • Maintenance and interior painting help protects walls, restore defects, and keep your home looking sharp.
  • Interior painting is one of the most affordable cosmetic approvements for any home.

Give Your Home a Fresh Look Fast

We take pride in our hassle-free approach to prepping walls and home interiors, getting you the fastest renovation to match your vision. Check out our process:


1. Your free consultation

We arrive at your home for a free consult to review your current space, listen to your desires, inspect and measure rooms, and establish your interior painting budget.

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2. Choosing the right paints for your home

With the estimate and inspection complete our expert team will create an affordable, timely plan to minimize interruption around your home while your walls are being painted. We’ll work with you and your budget to choose the highest quality paints, work in special requests, and get the colors matched exactly to your preferences and requirements.


3. From coat to coat

With the details confirmed we set the date and get to work. Our experienced, bonded, and insured team arrives at your home to transform your interior and revitalize the color on your walls. Our crew preps the space, ensuring your property is protected when the painting begins.


4. Wrapping Up

We’re big on communication and encourage homeowners to check in beyond our usual updates. Plus, we love seeing customers admire the quality of the paint while we work – it gives our crews a nice ego boost and lets us know you’re happy with the work.

Remember; your satisfaction is important to us. We’re not happy, or finished, until you’re satisfied with the finished interior paint in every room.

Choosing the Right Paint for the Job

Half of the challenge of interior painting is settling on colors, choosing the right kind of paints, and the tools you’ll use for the different paint application techniques. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to get you through the whole process with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (click to expand)

We will absolutely visit you at your home to review your interior, count and measure rooms, and provide you with a completely free estimate that includes a general idea of the types of paint you might be using.

We find that homeowners are often happier with their interior painting if they’re involved in choosing the color and types of paint as well as weighing in on how it’s applied. With that said, we’re more than happy to guide you through the process and help with color and material choices.

Some homeowners choose to do the room prep before hiring a home interior painter. If that’s not your thing then our team is happy to come in and prep all the walls and room before a single brush stroke takes place – from paint stripping and wall repair to safely removing layers of wallpaper.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured and we stand behind all of our work. If something isn’t right with the way your walls were painted, then we’ll make it right. If there’s a fault with the paint products that were used, we can handle replacements from the distributor/manufacturer and we’ll work with you to correct any failures in the finished rooms.

The time to complete an interior painting project can vary a great deal depending mainly on the number of rooms and the surface area that needs to be covered, prep time, and other factors. Small, single room jobs can often be completed in a day or two. Larger jobs such as full interior repainting can take upwards of a week or more. Your estimate will include an accurate timeline for starting and finishing your interior painting.

About Paragon Remodeling

From 2006-2018, Paragon Remodeling, Inc. received national recognition as a Top Remodeler by Qualified Remodeler Magazine for their outstanding home remodeling and construction services in Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. We specialize in deck construction, patio building, window replacement, roofing, siding replacement, sunrooms, painting, kitchen remodeling, bathrooms, basement remodeling, additions, and even full-on construction.

Choose Paragon Remodeling for your next interior paint project to give your home the refresh it deserves.

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