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Safety First: Safety Considerations for Your Deck

Walking out on your northern Virginia deck should not feel like you’re taking your first step off a pirate’s plank.  Even though many people decide to build their decks themselves and their decks look secure, their looks are deceiving.  Although infrequent, there are still a large amount of occurrences regarding accidents with unsafe decks, particularly when they collapse and people are injured.  Instead of hoping the water is safe, take a safer plunge in deck safety by reading the following tips on what you need to have in order to have a safe deck.

•       Use the proper materials when building.  Although you may be tempted to save money by using cheaper materials, you’ll want to make sure you use the proper materials for your northern Virginia deck.   For example, nearly every collapsed deck that’s been studied had been attached with nails, rather than bolts, and that investigators typically pinpoint the nails as the cause of collapses.  While nails can handle weight, they can’t handle the outward pressure that occurs when a deck is attached to a home.  Bolts have washers that will help distribute pressure, making them the better choice for custom decks in Virginia.

•       Have a freestanding deck.  While many people opt for the popular northern Virginia deck that attached directly to their house, there are many reasons that having a freestanding deck is better than having an attached deck. A freestanding deck will allow water to drain down the side of the house without weakening the wood or damaging the house.  A freestanding deck can also be supported in many different ways to keep the deck from shaking or wobbling.   A freestanding deck doesn’t rely on the bolts attaching it to the house to support it so you won’t have to worry about the bolts eventually being worn down.

•       Make sure you use pressure treated wood.  Pressure treated wood is when the chemical preservatives are forced deep inside the wood.  This chemical treatment makes the wood unappealing to bugs and fungus.  Although staining and sealing your northern Virginia deck will also make the wood unappealing, sealing and staining do not reach down into the center of the wood.  Using pressure treated wood will help seal the deal since even down in the center of the wood pieces there are chemicals that repel bugs and fungus.

Although you may take proper precautions when building your northern Virginia deck, the best way to be sure your deck is safe is by having a Virginia deck builder do the job for you.  Not only are they familiar with all aspects of deck safety, a Virginia deck builder is also familiar with the types of materials needed along with their care requirements. Your Virginia deck builder will be able to make sure your house is able to support having a deck attached to it, should you decide you don’t want a freestanding deck and your Virginia deck builder will make sure that your deck passes all state code

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