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Remodeling In Virginia – Options For Your Bathroom Floor

We often take this area of Virginia bathroom remodeling for granted but most of the people within your home are going to interact with it in some way shape or form throughout every day. The bathroom floor has got to be able to stand up to a lot of heavy traffic in and out every day while at the same time delivering a lot of comfort to everyone that’s walking on it.

That durability and comfort is essential, and can lead people down different paths when they’re trying to decide how they want to outfit their bathroom and the materials that they intend to use to cover the floor of that space. Either way, you need to keep your floor in mind when you remodel your bathroom, because the floor can say a lot about your taste and how well you keep your home.

Plopping down carpet in your bathroom probably isn’t the best idea, especially if it’s a high traffic bathroom with a lot of moisture but it does provide the ultimate comfort for bare feet. It’s a more convenient option for smaller bath spaces like a half bath in the basement or a guest bathroom.

Hardwood floors are eye catching and can help you develop a lot of character in your bathroom but they tend to succumb to moisture rather quickly is they aren’t sealed properly, especially in the cracks and around edges.Just because the surface is sealed doesn’t mean moisture can’t get in between the wood and around the edges at the walls to cause rot.

Laminate flooring is also a great option for those who want to have the character and sass of a wood floor without all the expense of real wood.Laminate provides a big boost to bathroom design with easy install and simple maintenance – and it’s waterproof.

Sheet or tiled vinyl provides a lot of simplicity that’s easy to customize on just about any budget. It’s one of the most common flooring materials used in a lot of bathroom remodels around Virginia. While the lifespan of this material is shorter than a lot of other natural materials like ceramic tile or wood, it is quite durable and equally waterproof – the only downside is that it can be easily damaged or sliced which leads to leaks into the subfloor if moisture collects.

Ceramic tiles are a favorite for those with the budget to use them. You don’t have to blanket the entire bathroom but some decorative tile around a tub or shower – or the whole floor if its in your budget – can make for a very unique bathroom space. Ceramic is very durable, cleans easily, and is manufactured to shed water. That means you don’t have to worry about it seeping into the subfloor of your home

Any of these materials are great choices; it simply depends on your budget and the type of bathroom in which you’re installing them. Whether you have a little toilet room in your basement or a full size master bathroom attached to your bedroom that need remodeling, getting a qualified Virginia bathroom remodeling contractor in to put some new material on your floor can make all the different in the world when it comes to the beauty & comfort of your living space.

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