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Outdoor Living : Virginia Deck vs. Patio Costs

Virginia deck or patio? That is the question. The purpose is usually to create an outdoor recreational space to be enjoyed by the whole family. Both options can accomplish this, but what about the cost? That is the determining factor for many individuals when choosing between a deck and a patio.

Of course, there is planning that you must do which will affect the cost of the project no matter which you choose:

  • The square footage you intend to cover must be considered. The space you intend to fill must be of a certain size to even accommodate a deck or patio, although a patio usually takes up less overall room. A patio is more labor intensive, however due to the fact that the land must be cleared and leveled in preparation of the stones or bricks. The deck will take up more space, but is easier to put up because it requires no landscaping.
  • You have to have your design in mind. A patio is usually either round or square and is laid at ground level. The deck gives you a few more options here, because it can be built on multiple levels and not just in line with the first floor.
  • Deciding what kind of materials to use is another big job when choosing between a patio and deck. Decks are usually made of wood, specifically cedar, redwood, or other pressure treated wood, and alternatively a composite material. The cost of composite materials is a little higher, but they are becoming popular because of their ease of maintenance and long life span. Patios usually consist of tiles or bricks made of stone or concrete,
  • Future maintenance is also an important factor. Wood materials require regular sealing cleaning and painting. The materials of a patio, being brick or stone stand up to power washing and hard scrubbing, making them longer lasting in general.
  • You must decide for yourself whether or not you feel confident handling the job, or if hiring yourself a reliable Virginia contractor might not be a better idea. The patio is an overall simpler job; it is just digging and precise leveling.Professional help might be a good idea for the site preparation, but it doesn’t take that much skill to lay the tiles down in a pattern. A patio must be able to pass code, and is more complex to construct, overall.

These variables create a situation that gives the homeowner multiple options to fit any budget. A small deck that is constructed of less expensive wood will likely be cheaper than a patio made of the finest stones and tiles. On the other hand, a multilevel redwood deck is going to cost more than a simple brick patio.

Ultimately, the right project depends on what the area is going to be used for. Patios are better for outdoor cooking and other movement oriented activities, while the deck is better for sit down eating and reading. There is no price that can be put on you preferences for your Virginia deck or patio.

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