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Northern Virginia Stone Siding-Ageless Elegance

As the colder months approach us here in Northern Virginia, siding options for next year are important to think about for projects beginning next spring. One option that makes a home truly stunning in the curb appeal department is stone siding. Covering youy home in stone ensures a certain standard of durability and longevity that is hard to match with other siding materials. Upgrading your siding to stone might be a little on the pricey side, but for a touch of class and a practically indestructible suit of armor for your home, your really get what you pay for.

The Natural One

Original stone siding is exactly what it sounds like; flat stones are used to create the exterior of the home. Even when stacked up to vinyl, aluminum, and even the fiber-cement, natural stone stands above them all in terms of ease of maintenance and durability. The monetary cost is also probably at the high end of all material options- a budget minded homeowner may find the initial purchase, delivery, and installation costs to all be too much. The weight of stone makes transportation, and the installation, time-consuming and labor intensive, which drives up the price.

Beauty That is Skin Deep

To beat some of the cost and still get the elegance and benefits of stone siding, northern Virginia has a few options. A stone veneer, in a way similar to the way that a wood veneer is a thin sheet that covers other wood beneath, stone veneer is actually made of thin slices of stone, which makes them easier to install that whole stone. Because the slices themselves are real stone, the look and feel of the siding is not compromised. The durability and maintenance properties are also virtually identical to using whole stones, whose sole advantage over the stones in most cases is slightly better heat retention properties.

Moving down the price scale, our next stop is simulated stone veneer. Instead of natural stone, they are manufactured from concrete mixtures that are molded to resemble natural siding. The main advantage here is the dramatically reduced price, while retaining the overall look of a stone-sided house.

A Piece of the Earth

We are luck here in Northern Virginia, siding our homes in stone can have beautiful results due to our close proximity to resources. The stone that one purchases for their home should be as close to the home as reasonably possible to cut down on delivery fees. Covering your home in natural Virginia stone gives it the look of being a part of the land, as though it belongs there, a timeless piece of the landscape. Our region affords us a wide variety of textures and colors, so consult your general contractor about your stone siding questions today, to get a head start on tomorrow.

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