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Northern Virginia Deck Contractors Will Make Your Backyard Dreams Come True

The DIY industry is in full bloom. Thanks to the Great Recession, a bombardment of DIY shows and the prevalence of big box building supply stores, homeowners all across the continent are attempting to complete projects they have only dreamed about before. And although this trend is excellent for handy homeowners, there are certain structures and tasks best left to the trained professionals. In the backyard, for instance, you are much wiser to hire a Northern Virginia deck contractor to build that dream deck.

If you’re wondering why, there are a few different reasons for hiring an experienced professional to build a deck.

Basic or Beautiful?

Decks come in almost any shape and size. They can be designed as a relatively simple platform to place your BBQ, some patio chairs and a pot of flowers. Or they can be much more elaborate, designed as a true extension of your living space. The former example may be possible to build yourself, but the latter is really not the job for an amateur.

The things that will truly set your deck apart as a backyard oasis – as opposed to simply a space in the yard – are the fine details and customized touches. Privacy screens, planter boxes, angled deck boards and closed in stairs are all carefully crafted details that are both time consuming and difficult for those who do not have the experience. DIY enthusiasts can certainly nail together the framing and bang on the deck boards, but it is the elements included beyond those that will make a difference to the space.

Save Time and Money

It only makes sense that a Northern Virginia deck contractor would be able to build a deck much faster than the average homeowner could. But that speed will make more of a difference than you think. When pressure treated wood is exposed to the heat of the sun it dries out (even when it has been kiln dried beforehand). This results in checking, which is the industry standard for the cracking, splitting and twisting that the lumber will naturally do once it leaves the lumber yard.

The longer you take to put together the elements of your deck, the better chance there is that key pieces will warp, twist and split to a point where they are unusable. This is often seen on railing posts left without the railing sections installed. They will twist within a short time, leaving you with an unpleasant appearance and in extreme cases, a post that needs to be replaced before the railing will even go on properly.

The speed of a professional deck contractor also means that your family will get to enjoy the backyard structure much more this season. No more waiting for mom or dad to complete the project, stepping gingerly over a half finished surface. The most experienced professionals can be in and out of your yard in a short period of time, leaving behind an extremely well built structure you can enjoy right away.

It may also save you money to hire a contractor. If you have to take time off work, that will likely cost you. It can get expensive to rent tools and pay for the meals and drinks of friends who have come to help out. When you add up all of the actual costs incurred when a Northern Virginia deck is DIY-ed, you may be shocked at how close the two prices are. By hiring a contractor you can look forward to a more stylish, customized deck that is built properly and quickly. When they discover that hiring the pros costs only a small percentage more many homeowners jump at the chance to leave their own tools in the basement and let the experts handle building their backyard dream.

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