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Max Out Your Buck with Virginia Home Improvement

The average American will relocate every three to five years, while some closer to five to seven. If you’re a homeowner, this means you would be wise to think carefully about the investments you’ll be making in your home in terms of Virginia home improvement and renovation.

Odds are that in the near future you may be trying to recoup the costs of a costly remodel while you’re trying to move to your new home.

Unfortunately not every investment and home improvement is actually going to add value to your home, and few will actually generate a return on the investment. The question you have to ask yourself is which remodel projects will actually enhance the value?

Kitchen and bathroom renovations tend to pay for themselves – often more so. In many circles, experts believe that every dollar you spend in the these two types of rooms increases the value of the home by two dollars. A more realistic estimate is that homeowners who make these types of improvements usually recoup at least 90% of their investment. Compared to other remodel projects that bring far less value that’s a great choice for remodeling to boost value.

The Kitchen

Many buyers that visit a home tend to base a great deal of their opinion on the condition of the kitchen area. This is, to many, a great indicator on the quality of the rest of the home. A well-equipped and efficient kitchen space can make a potential buyer feel at home right away. On the flip side of the coin a shoddy and out-dated kitchen will make a buyer feel as if they’ve got to swing a hammer in order to make the home truly theirs – an added investment for them. If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen, you should plan first for what you want but keep in mind that if you plan to ever sell the home you need to make the space attractive.

Quality is important so you need to choose durable and attractive materials that will make your kitchen space enjoyable. Likewise, choose lighting that envelopes the work space and sets the right mood. Cold, hard fluorescent lighting isn’t a good choice for the kitchen space if you want it to be welcoming. Lastly, open eating areas and a lot of space to entertain create value, while having a lot of workspace makes a kitchen truly attractive for those that love to cook – to tackle both consider a large island for eating and food prep.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are second only to the kitchen when it comes to getting more bang for your buck. Most homeowners recoup at least 80% of their investment on bathroom remodels – just don’t go overboard. A great way to improve on a home is to add a halfbath on a ground level or in a basement where a home doesn’t have one yet. Not only are you creating convenience for you and your family but the potential buyers will greatly appreciate that same convenience.

A private bathroom attached to any bedroom, especially the master bedroom, makes for immense value when it comes to a home. For a modest investment, you can update all the hardware of a bathroom and do a little tile work to completely transform your bathroom space.

The best part of kitchen and bath remodeling when it comes to Virginia home improvement is that you can design on a dime and tackle small projects with a general contractor over a period of several months. You don’t have to completely gut your living space to start from scratch – it’s all a matter of creative design.

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