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How Your Home Can be Better Protected By Installing Virginia Siding

Weather is a powerful thing and the major function of our homes is to protect our families from the effects of harsh weather. But what protects the house? When it is properly installed, Virginia siding actually shelters your home and family from more than the weather. Siding creates a better sealed environment that helps produce improved air quality and better overall health.

As an added plus, siding provides Virginia homes with a clean, well tailored look. More affordable than other finishing options for your exterior walls, siding delivers a host of benefits that may surprise you.

Improve Older Virginia Homes

The character of traditional homes can be easily revived with Virginia siding. Those classic colors that graced your home in years gone by can be brought to life again with siding, available in a wide array of custom colors made to echo the glories of the past. But that’s not all this product will do.

Moisture is an enemy of your home and it can become a major problem with older homes. Newly built Virginia homes are sealed tight against the damage moisture can inflict on wood framing and the structural components of your house. Even if there are no visible holes, moisture has a nasty way of seeping into hidden gaps and cracks. That moisture will slowly but surely attack the sheathing and other vulnerable elements underneath. Often older homes are left inadvertently exposed to this type of damage.

That’s where Virginia siding can come in and improve the situation.

Having a pro install siding on your home will ensure a much tighter seal against the elements and moisture that’s constantly trying to get in. The siding will create a jacket or cover around your home and the extremely durable, low maintenance finish will last for years in any weather.

Keep Other Enemies Out

Siding doesn’t just block moisture. Pests such as ants, cluster flies, termites and wasps like to make their homes in and behind old siding. If the siding is loose, damaged or simply rotting away, the insects will basically move in and serious damage to the exterior and interior of your home will be the result.

If air borne allergies are a concern in your home talk to a professional about the latest lines of Virginia siding that will better seal the harmful elements from entering your home. Keep the dust mites, bacteria and mold out of your house and create better indoor air quality by replacing your old siding with one of the newer, more technologically advanced brands of siding.

Because You’re Worth It

Your family deserves to live in a home that is well protected from the harsh elements. Allergy sufferers deserve to have better air quality that means less sickness and uncomfortable conditions while relaxing at home. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if the exterior of your home was brought back to the beauty it once had?

Installing new siding will do the trick. Your home will be better protected, the air quality inside healthier and the curb appeal of your home much improved. Give a Virginia siding contractor a call today to get started on this home improvement project.

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