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How Virginia General Contractors Can Help With Attic Renovations

Many properties in suburbia have limited room for an addition. The yard is just big enough for a patio or porch and a little bit of grass to enjoy. But when your home becomes too cramped for a growing family and the darkness of the basement is unappealing, what type of home renovations will help? Virginia general contractors are the professionals that can guide you through an attic addition project and change the face of your home forever.

What Types of Attic Additions Can Be Done?

Bungalows and two storey homes, as well as side splits and back splits, will usually have an attic space. Typically it is filled with insulation or old, dusty boxes full of memories. But that area above can be renovated and expanded to create the perfect casual living space with interesting angles and unique nooks or niches.

General contractors will help you decide whether to add dormers to your home, creating a more interesting roofline and adding space on the top floor, or simply to finish the attic as it is laid out. Does your existing attic have full eight foot high ceilings or will you need to raise the roof and add up? Sometimes the current attic space can be expanded to one side (often towards the back of your house) to create a bedroom, home office or playroom. This requires limited roof work, which can get expensive depending on the current condition of your roofing material and framing.

Adding dormers is an excellent way to get more light into the current space. These windows project out from the current roofline and provide room inside for a decent sized window. Often dormers can be incorporated into the attic in such a way that more seating, storage and floor space are a result of construction.

Important Considerations

Attic additions should be done when the weather is warm and dry. It’s not entirely impossible to complete them in the winter time, but this will require extensive protection from the snow and plenty of wasted energy on heaters, etc. Most Virginia general contractors will suggest that all of the exterior work on an attic renovation is completed before any cold weather hits. And many will suggest waiting for the spring to start on construction.

Roofing is an integral part of this project. Even if the attic space is big enough that dormers and added trusses are not required, it’s wise to make sure the level of insulation in the attic is up to par. The condition of the roofing material will also be inspected to see whether replacement or upgrades are recommended.

Electrical and plumbing may be added to this new space. Hiring a general contractor will ensure this work is done by a qualified professional that follows the building code and designs an efficient and safe system.

Rejuvenate your home with an attic renovation that makes the most of the space you have. Virginia general contractors are here to help design, schedule and construct the ultimate home addition that builds the value and the structure of your house up.

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