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How To Prep For New Home Additions In Virginia

The time has come to quit talking and start doing. Now that you’ve had discussions with a designer as well as a contractor you’re all set for your home addition.  Virginia contractors work quickly, but you’re still at the point of fretting over whether or not there is something you can do to speed up the process and get the job done that much faster.

Get The Property Prepped

Where home additions in Virginia are concerned, where you’re building out from your house, it’s a good idea to try to make the contractors job easy on the property.

Remove anything from the yard that isn’t a fixed or static piece. Things just get in the way of work crews when they’re left about. Anything mobile such as hoses, grills, toys, outdoor furniture or decorations should be placed in storage and out of the work path during the installation of home additions.

If you’ve already mapped out the location of your home addition, then do the contractors a favor and remove any shrubs or plants that fall within the construction area. This includes about a 10’ radius around the work area so that the crews can work unencumbered. Allow them complete access with their equipment. They’ll work faster if they don’t have to constantly worry about plants, shrubs, flowers, bushes, etc.

If your area has a ”miss dig” number, call it. If not, contact the utility suppliers and get them to mark the location of various lines in the ground on your property. This can prevent mishaps as well as aid in the planning of the addition. This is also a vital step in building a foundation or expanding a basement.

Prepping Your Home

Depending on the type of home addition you’re going to get, it can happen in a few different ways. The most common method is that the walls are knocked out with new walls being put up and modified for the new home addition. The other is that a doorway is simply manufactured to lead into the new addition.

With either option, you can expect a lot of debris and dust to filter around your home. There are however some things you can do to prep inside your home for the work that’s about to take place.

Buy some plastic rolls and drape plastic from floor to ceiling to act as a barrier between the construction area and your living space. Do this in a way that it won’t block the contractors access.

Get your hands on some remnant fabric or scraps from a carpet store. This way you can control the amount of mud and dirt that is tracked into your home by the workers during the build of your new home addition

Of course, to make things easy on everyone and to protect your possessions you should move all the furniture that is near the location of the new home addition into adjacent rooms.

Unpredictable accidents happen all the time during construction and if you take the time to protect the inside of your home while simplifying the work on the outside and prepping for the arrival of contractors then you speed your entire project ahead and the contractors will thank you.

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