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How to Add Storage in your Northern Virginia Basement Remodeling Project

Designing your new basement presents plenty of opportunities for expanding storage. From specially designed closets to built in shelving and off-season storage, your Northern Virginia basement remodeling project can improve your living space and bring order to chaos.

Consider all aspects of basement storage, such as dealing with moisture and security, while you’re in the design stage. Careful planning allows you to realize the greatest value for your renovation dollar.

Incorporate Closets Around the Area

Whether your basement includes a bedroom, bathroom or just a gigantic rec room, closets can be incorporated for efficient storage. Closets hold everything from clothing to toys, linens and storage chests. Neater than open shelving, closets also allow for greater security with door locks.

Installing extra closet space is simple, as long as you have the room. Consider borrowing a few square feet from the main area of your finished basement for a long, shallow closet with sliding doors. Or build a walk-in closet to allow for optimum flexibility.

Any awkward corners or dead space can be made into a closet with an extra wall or two and a door. Under the stairs, beside the three-piece bath or within an oddly shaped corner, closets provide extra storage for just about any item.

Use Built In Shelving

Framing and drywall play a major role in most Northern Virginia basement remodeling projects. And finishing the walls presents an opportunity to incorporate built in shelving of any shape and size.

Are you looking for a tidy place to store your entertainment system, movies and video games? Think about building a wall unit right into the framing. Books and any other collections can be easily stored in built in bookshelves, and a newly finished basement allows you to customize the bookshelf system to suit your collection. Include doors, alcoves and random shapes to make your built in shelving unique.

Consider the Moisture

Think about what you store in your basement, and consider the best method of storage. Because this living space is located below grade the risk of flood is greater. Consistent moisture can damage organic materials (like books, paper, and certain types of clothing), and result in mold and mildew. Store any sensitive or susceptible items in leak-proof bags or plastic totes, and be sure that all electronics are placed on shelves to avoid damage during minor flooding.

Be sure to include windows in your basement remodeling design, both for natural light and proper airflow. Install fresh air vents in the closets to keep the air moving and open the windows on a regular basis to air out the space.

Finishing the basement expands your living space, and also provides more storage. Design the area carefully, incorporating closets and built in shelving to make the best use of your new living space. With the help of a professional contractor, your Northern Virginia basement remodeling project will help to improve the value of your home and make day-to-day living more enjoyable.

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