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249 home additions energy effeciency

Green Virginia Home Additions Add Up to Energy Efficiency

The recession settled in some time ago, and with it came all of the paranoia and doubt that comes with an economy that isn’t growing like a weed. Homeowners that were planning an gigantic square footage doubling Virginia addition a couple of years ago are probably holding off on their plans until things start to look a little more optimistic, when they can afford to go bigger and grander again.


There might be a better way than just sitting on your hands and waiting for the sky to clear. Try contacting your local general contractor in Virginia, and you may find that you aren’t as far away from your goal as you thought.


Green Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Expensive


If you are going to proceed with a large home improvement project, it is best to do it as green as you possibly can these days. Energy efficiency immediately springs to mind when the word green is mentioned, but new home construction can go way beyond that. It also has to do with indoor air quality and other factors that have to do with organic living.


Try to keep in mind that just because your new home addition in Virginia is more energy efficient that your bills will go down. Adding that much space to your home, no matter how good the insulation in the walls, the quality of your window seals, or the energy star appliances you have installed can save you from the fact that a larger house is just plain going to eat up more energy.


An addition to your home in Virginia is just too big a task for anyone to handle alone. Your general contractor can get in contact with all of the expert individuals they need to help you get the best home improvement for your buck. Also remember that if green is your goal, try to reuse as much of the old house as you can when adding on. Remodeling an existing structure is always greener than building a new one anyway.


Have Your Cake and…..

There is character and memories attached to your Virginia home that you don’t want to leave behind. Why not just make what you have bigger, instead of trying to build new or find a home that isn’t going to need as much renovation as the one you have now? If you oversee the work yourself, you can make sure that it is done to your satisfaction.


A lot of people may prefer to build a house from scratch to get the most energy efficiency out of a structure, but it isn’t really necessary. Especially when so many Americans seem to think that there are, too many new houses built already. You may not need a Virginia addition, if your existing home can be sealed and built on to give you the added space and green living that you desire.

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