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Green Skylights – A Great Option For Window Replacements In Virginia

While there are numerous options for launching a Virginia window replacement project, few are as popular and beneficial as skylights. These are preferred methods in green remodeling for a number of reasons.

First, like any other window replacement, skylights offer the potential to boost your energy efficiency for reducing energy costs, particularly when you’re talking about heat transfer and solar heating.

Second, these are the herald of green renovation because of the addition of natural lighting within the home. If you want to maximize energy savings with replacement windows like skylights, take in the natural light in the cooler months and shade the skylight in the summer months for maximum efficiency.

If you want to ensure that the skylight you’re adding to your home hits the mark with green efficiency and you’re not wasting your money on new window replacements in your Virginia home then take in some of these pointers:

Placement – the orientation of your skylight has a lot to do with efficiency. A skylight that has a southern exposure will provide a home with valuable passive heating in winter months while skylight windows with a west-facing approach will add to your cooling costs in the hot months. Strategic placement is necessary. While it can’t be helped with some home designs due to the slant of the roofs and the direction in which a home faces you can shade your skylights to prevent light from pouring in all year long.

Multi-pane skylights – A lot of heat can be lost through a skylight in the winter months after putting in new window replacements. It’s important to select a quality style that will work toward your efficiency. Getting double pane over single pane can actually can reduce heat loss through that skylight by as much as 15%. That can add up to $2k-$3k over the lifetime of a skylight and home.

Stick With Low E Coating – The low E coatings reduce heat loss in the winter and prevent heat from pounding its way in during the summer after you get those new window replacements in. While the coatings differ from climate to climate, the right coating can make a big impact on your overall energy savings and efficiency. The added cost will pay for itself within 2-4 years.

Low Conductivity Frames – When you’re getting skylights put in with your window replacements, opt for wood or vinyl frames – preferably insulated ones – for your sunlights. Metal sunlight frames contribute to terrible energy efficiency and you can expect a lot more heat transfer with their use both in and out.

With Virginia window replacements, you’re saving a lot of money through the addition of natural light as you can operate without using all the lights in your home. Artificial lighting can get expensive, especially when you’re trying to illuminate hard to light areas. A skylight can provide a lot of reach throughout your home.

The benefits of green Virginia window replacement projects go beyond just energy efficiency. They supply a lot of comfort and external light to the home that is necessary for any homeowner (and human) to get through each day.

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