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Give Your House a Face Lift with Virginia Replacement Windows

Age causes sagging, splitting, peeling and flaking. This unsightly deterioration eventually becomes an eye sore and by then it’s obviously past time to do something about it. We’re talking about your old windows here, right? Both the exterior and the interior of your Virginia home suffer when old windows are left to decline in quality and appearance. But with Virginia replacement windows you can give your house new life and drastically improve the overall look and comfort of home.

Double Glazing Delivers Mighty Benefits

The very best Virginia replacement windows are those that feature double glazing designs. This type of window utilizes two panes of glass with a 1/2” to 3/4″ gap between them. Often that gap is filled with a gas (like argon) that adds to the insulation factor by drastically reducing heat loss.

What does that mean for your home? When the weather is cooler, your home will stay cozy and warm inside. On the other hand when it’s hot outside and the air conditioner comes to life, the cool air inside your home will be held there. Add a low E coating to the window and expect even better protection against the heat and damage caused by UV rays.

Strength in Modern Framing

Replacement windows are manufactured with strong, high quality frames. Whether you are looking for vinyl window frames, traditional wood frames or vinyl clad wood window frames, there is a brand and model to suit your needs. Experienced Virginia replacements windows contractors have access to a wide variety of window styles, shapes and manufacturers.

Older window frames will deteriorate over time causing heat loss and reduced security. The appearance of cracking, splitting and flaking wood window frames does nothing for the overall appearance of your house either. With new vinyl (or vinyl clad) window frames your home’s exterior can be bright and virtually maintenance free. Count on the timeless beauty of these windows to add value to your property.

Upgrades and Renovations

Have you ever thought about upgrading or renovating your existing living space? More traditional homes were designed with smaller windows. This was due to the heat loss associated with older windows as well as the decreased level of security that large windows offered. But modern Virginia replacement windows are far advanced from that stage. Now you can transform entire walls into windows or add French doors creating bright, open spaces inside your home.

Larger windows also offer larger views, meaning you can appreciate more of that gorgeous Virginia landscape just beyond your front (or back) door. Bay windows can make small spaces appear larger and wide patio doors help to make decks and patios truly a part of your living space.

This type of home improvement is an investment in your house, but also in your quality of life. Be more comfortable with steady indoor temperatures and reasonable utility bills. Enjoy more natural sunlight and the beautiful views your property offers. Virginia replacement windows will transform an aging facade into a home that is handsome, cozy and better for daily living.

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