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Five Ways Northern Virginia Additions Add Value to Your Home

Professional renovations increase the value of your home, as well as improving your quality of life. Northern Virginia additions create more space in your home and add significant value to the property. Invest in your home and family with well-designed, professionally built home additions.

More Space = More Value

Larger homes tend to be worth more money, if only on a square footage basis. If you add a bedroom, home office or family room to your Northern Virginia house, that renovation automatically increases the value of your home. Additions need to blend well with the existing home for optimum appearance, and all construction techniques should follow local building codes.

Trust an experienced professional to design and build your home addition. Using their knowledge and skills contractors ensure that the roofline, exterior walls and landscaping combine smoothly with the existing structure to create an attractive home.

Sought After Garages

If you’re planning to add an attached garage to your home, you can expect the property value to increase significantly. Be sure to include a secure entrance to the interior of your house, including fire doors and deadbolts. Consider incorporating a mudroom or large closet to the garage addition for even greater appeal.

Detached garages are attractive to some buyers, especially those with hobbies such as woodworking and mechanics. Always be sure your detached garage is located in the optimum location, and is not blocking views or creating too much shadow in your yard.

Kitchen or Bathroom Space

Northern Virginia additions can be used for kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovations. Place the addition next to the current kitchen or simply relocate this vital room to a different area in your home. Additions allow you to create natural light with high efficiency windows and skylights, as well as creating more room for cabinets, eat-in dining and kitchen islands.

Additions can be designed to include new bathrooms as well. Consider building a small powder room in your garage addition or adding a full bathroom to the main floor addition for better accessibility and convenience. Modern bathrooms increase the value of older homes, and a home addition provides a blank canvas for your new bathroom.

Raise the Roof

Home additions may not seem possible on cramped, suburban properties. But remember that when you’re out of space on the ground, it’s time to look to the skies. Raising the roof and adding a second or third floor is an efficient way to create a bigger home. This new space can be used for a master suite, an extra bedroom, home office or new bathroom. Many designs call for a large family room on the second floor, where home theaters and play areas are convenient to the family bedrooms.

Have your Northern Virginia general contractor take a look at the roof structure, foundation and wall framing to discover whether a second-floor addition is possible. Often these types of additions include new roofing, which also adds more value to your property.

Sunrooms and Screened In Porches

Some home additions reach out into the backyard, creating four-season outdoor living that’s relaxing and valuable. Screened in porches can be built in the front or rear yard, and tend to cost much less than fully insulated sunrooms. Remember that screened porches cannot be used in the winter and may require more maintenance than a professionally designed sunroom.

Sunrooms provide gorgeous living space on any property. Ensure the glazing and framing of this home addition are well made and backed by a manufacturer warranty. Sunrooms can be climate-controlled and installed in any area of your home. Consider the rear yard, off the master bedroom or next to the dining room.

Ask your general contractor about the different options available for your home addition. Northern Virginia additions increase the value of local properties, as well as improving daily life with added space and light.

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