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19 deck builder expectations

Five Things to Expect From Your Deck Builder

Hiring an experienced deck builder to construct your outdoor living space makes sense from a financial standpoint. Your money will be well spent and your backyard area designed with function and value in mind.

Some homeowners opt for the cheapest option and regret not investing in the expertise of experienced Virginia deck builders. Spend wisely and learn what you can expect from a deck builder with the know-how and skills to complete your project.

1—Modern Design

Any deck installer can build you a rectangle platform. If you’re looking for a space with modern features and comfortable, yet cutting edge design, only an experienced deck builder can deliver. With access to the latest trends and the knowledge to construct a deck that reflects your tastes and lifestyle, experienced deck installers offer much more than your average contractor.

Lighting, multiple levels, attractive railings and shapes that work with your house and yard are all features available through established builders. Hire a company that has built decks of various sizes and knows how to work with you to design the perfect Northern Virginia deck.

2—Solid Warranty

You want to invest in a company with roots in your area. A solid warranty offers you peace of mind today and far into the future. Look for a contractor that offers coverage for both the materials and installation.

Manufacturer warranty applies to materials in most cases, but experienced companies provide this information ahead of time. Depending on the deck design, this may include treated wood, composite materials, aluminum railings, tempered glass panels and other deck materials.

Installation warranty covers workmanship. Post or pier depth determines the stability of your deck through the first few winter seasons, while installation of railings, stairs, deck boards and framing determine safety and comfort while on the deck. Hire a deck builder that offers solid warranty coverage for both aspects.

3—Skilled Labor

You should expect to have at least one very experienced installer on your job site at all times. This person can supervise the entire project, work on more complicated sections of your deck design and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

Skilled labor is well worth the additional cost. Trust your contractor and lean on the years of experience available to design and build your dream deck. Challenges inevitably come up during the construction phase, and only skill can overcome these issues with creative, yet safe solutions. Skilled contractors also have knowledge of the local Virginia building code, an important consideration for any property in the state.

4—Quality Materials

New deck builders have access to quality materials, but those with experience have the knowledge to choose each piece of lumber wisely. Companies that have an established relationship with suppliers receive quality materials on a regular basis and enjoy the ability to filter out those of a lesser quality. Bank on that experience to obtain top quality deck materials for your project.

5—Timely Service

An established decking contractor has spent years building their name in the community, and they work hard to maintain that reputation. You can expect professional service from your deck builder, including timely communications, complete and honest answers to your questions and on-time delivery.

Many things are out of a contractor’s control, such as the weather and delivery times, but experienced deck builders stay in contact with their clients and maintain a high level of service throughout the project.

You can expect these five things from your deck builder, as well as many other smaller elements. Invest your money wisely by hiring a company you can trust to construct a space you will love for years.

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