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Exploring the Options for Northern Virginia Siding

When it comes time to replace the exterior finish on your home, whether due to age or simply for a face lift, there may be more options than you realize. There are styles of Northern Virginia siding on the market today to suit any taste, budget and architecture. You simply need to wade through and weigh your options.

Vinyl Siding

This style of siding wins the most popular award all over the country. It’s no wonder when you consider its attractive finish, excellent level of durability and reasonable cost. Once your home is covered in vinyl siding you can trust that it will hold out against almost any weather and last for years with zero maintenance.

Vinyl comes clean with a hose and won’t rot, stain or discolor like other materials will. Today’s lines of vinyl come in both horizontal and vertical styles and can even mimic more traditional styles of siding such as shakes and baton trimmed styles. For many homeowners across Northern Virginia and beyond, vinyl siding is their first and only choice, although there are many others.

Stucco Siding

Another popular style of siding your home is the stucco finish. Traditional stucco is basically a layer of cement spread over mesh that is adhered to your home. It creates a long lasting and appealing wall finish that’s also energy efficient and can be easily customized to your tastes.

More modern stucco siding options include a foam spray in place of the concrete, although it creates a much less durable finish. Although generally traditional stucco is very durable, when either style does become damaged the repairs are fairly labor intensive and can get expensive, depending on the extent of the job.

If you want Northern Virginia siding that is unique and creates a contemporary, sleek look stucco may be just the thing you’re looking for.

Composite Siding

Sometimes also called fiber-cement siding, composite siding is made from a mixture of sand, cement and wood. It is extremely durable and stands up well against insects, fire and the damaging effects of the sun. For a lifetime finish, many homeowners are investigating composite siding products.

Look for composite to come in a wide variety of styles, including vertical, horizontal and shaped patterns. It can have the look and texture of wood siding and also comes in a vast selection of long lasting factory-applied finishes.

The important thing to remember about fiber-cement siding products is that they are difficult to handle unless you are a professional with the proper training and equipment. Repairs and additions with composite siding should always be done by experienced siding installers who know the safe procedures and have the right tools to do them.

Wood Siding

Still a perennial favorite for many across Virginia, wood siding adds a character to your home that is difficult to mimic. The style, coloring and texture of wood is unique and no matter whether you choose cedar, redwood or even cypress, lumber makes a fantastic finishing material for your house.

Wood siding is often installed in ship lap style, although vertical tongue and groove applications are also popular. Painted siding can come finished from the factory or be custom painted at your property. You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to wood siding and many period homes in Northern Virginia know there is no other option for an authentic and charming exterior finish.

Have a look at your options when it comes to Northern Virginia siding and choose the style and material that looks best on your home. It is an investment that will protect and beautify your house for decades to come.

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