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Drying Up Your Virginia Basement

Your basement is like a cave: it’s moist, it’s dark, and no one besides the creatures of the night like to go down there.  Even though you may not consider your Virginia basement to be a pivotal part of your home, a basement with too much moisture can be a huge problem, especially if you ignore it.  Depending on how long you’ve already ignored your northern Virginia basement will dictate whether you need to call in a Virginia basement remodeling service.  Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to dry up your basement before you have to call out for help.

Water can get into basements in northern Virginia a number of ways:  rainfall, melting snow, a heavy rain storm, rising ground water, and humidity.  The water will build up around the foundation and will eventually get in your Virginia basement via cracks, and through any porous material that was used to build your basement.  Although you might be tempted to attack the source by slapping something over the cracks, this will only end up being a temporary fix.

Instead of starting big, think small and work your way up.  If you notice you have condensation issues in your northern Virginia basement, you’ll want to start by opening windows and airing out the basement.  You can also run some fans to speed up the process.  Another thing you can do is to buy a dehumidifier, which is basically an appliance that takes the moisture out of the air so it doesn’t build up in your Virginia basement and deposits it in a tank that has to be emptied periodically.

Another way you can handle any moisture and condensation issues in your northern Virginia basement is to put a waterproof coating on the walls.  A waterproof coating is not the same as a caulk or sealer- it is simply a thin coating that covers the walls and clogs the pores of the walls, much like makeup can do to the pores on your face.  By using this waterproof coating, you’ll be locking up the pores in your Virginia basement walls and lessen the chance of water seeping through.

Once condensation has been dealt with, it’s time to take a look outside your northern Virginia basement.  Most water runoff tends to happen because there is no other place for the water to go.  One way to combat this is by making sure your driveway is helping to send the water onto the street instead of toward your Virginia basement.  This can be done by digging areas along side of the driveway and down toward the curb.  Another thing that can be done is sealing cracks on the driveway surface so the water doesn’t get underneath and eventually drain down toward your basement.

If you have already tried these steps and are still getting puddles of water in your northern Virginia basement, you’ll want to call a northern Virginia basement remodeling company.  They will be able to access how bad your water problems are, help you fix them, then help you plan for the new basement of your dreams.  While often it feels easier to ignore an area that you spend little to no time in, the Virginia basement is the foundation of your home.  By taking care of the root of the problem, you can ensure that your house remains happy and healthy for many years to come.

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