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Customizing Your Virginia Deck – Add A Little Fire And Flare

The backyard can be a haven for a lot of families, as it offers a way to section yourself off from the world while still enjoying nature and getting a bit of fresh air. Our backyard affords a lot of privacy that many of us crave with the ability to be completely customized, and that’s apparent in how we build and customize the Virginia deck.

Of course I talk about it like it’s a specific style of deck, but it’s really not. It’s more of a way of life. The old fashioned deck was a big square block of lumber with some steps leading down into the yard. It offered very little in versatility or adaptability and it certainly wasn’t the poster-child for “outdoor fun”.

Virginia residents are discovering a better way to live in the outdoors of their backyard, and the deck is playing a huge part in that. Here are just a few design ideas and tips to customize your new deck build to make it unique and yours.

Custom Firepit: If you haven’t built your deck out complete, consider leaving room in the center for a recessed firepit. You can built the firepit out in the ground with stones that rise above the level of your deck (or brick, pavers, etc – whatever you prefer). You can create a row of benches around the firepit or leave the seating open. Plan ahead properly and you can design your firepit to double as an outdoor grill with a built in screen. Not only can it serve as a place for fireside pow-wow’s but you can throw some steaks on or have a corn roast anytime of the year.

Raised Gardens: Elevated garden beds built out in boxes don’t have to be limited to your yard. These same boxes can be placed along the rails of your deck or at strategic places for sunlight and rainfail. It’s very convenient to have your own nursery and vegetable garden just outside the patio door. Imagine the ease of stepping outside for some tomato, carrot or broccoli the next time you’re prepping dinner.

The Water Feature:Your deck doesn’t have to be the primary feature in your background.Thanks to the proximity to the house, you have easy access to the plumbing.Consider installing a decorative waterfall system that crashed down a rock formation on your deck.You can separate your deck with a “natural” stream that flows through several step systems into a pond or moat around the deck.If you feel adventurous, spring for fish that can populate the water around your Virginia deck.

Don’t Forget The Lighting: Sometimes it’s nice to step outside in the evening hours, especially after sundown, and enjoy some time in the cool night air. The darkness can be a little oppressive but dim lighting can help make your deck a comfortable environment regardless of the later hour. There are a number of styles you can turn to that mount on the posts of decks, or attach to rails like a sconce. Likewise, you can find underglow lighting that will create a very soft ambiance from within the deck itself, bathing the entire area in indirect light. Save on energy costs by using solar lighting, where the energy is stores throughout the day from the sun and fuels the lights all through the evening hours.

These are just a few tips to add spice to your casual deck in Virginia. A remodel doesn’t have to be drab and dull. Get creative, have fun, and make your house a home.

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