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Creative Virginia Deck Designs For Your Home

Give any consideration to adding a Virginia Deck? The deck can be an awesome extension to your indoor living space. Just adding that deck doesn’t do it for you though, you’ve got to figure out what to do with it once you’ve got it. There’s some strategy involved but ultimately how you use your new Virginia deck is completely up to you.

Consider some of these great, fun ideas to make the best use of your outdoor oasis.

Dine out Al Fresco

People love dining outdoors and that can make your table the centerpiece of your outdoor Virginia deck design. With the right chair styles and some careful placement with lighting you can actually transform your deck space into a patio restaurant getaway. Granted, a quaint little dining experience doesn’t afford much space for large gatherings but if you’re not the overly social type then this Virginia deck style is perfect for you.

How Social Are You

On the other hand, if you’re a conga king and you like to get a lot of people over to your house for family gatherings, backyard parties and big potlucks then a larger Virginia deck with a more open design might be your cup of tea. Designs like this often do well with various planters that can double as Tiki stands and an area built out to allow space for a wetbar and a large grill.

If you feel adventures, remember that nothing brings people together like a roaring fire – you can add a fire pit to your Virginia deck design for the ultimate party coup de gras.

A Star To Snooze By

If you love the experience of camping but can’t put be bothered with the packing, the travel, the cost and other things then why not make your Virginia deck part of an outdoor adventurescape. There are plenty of people who transform a simple deck design into perfect sleeping quarters. Ranging anywhere from comfortable outdoor sleeper areas to make sleeping bags and mats that much more cozy to advanced furniture and daybeds within an enclosed and covered deck area, homeowners love to bring the outdoors in and the indoors out with their Virginia decks.

Taking A Break

The Virginia deck is the ideal place to park a second living room. Deck designs like this incorporate numerous elements that people used to only get inside the home. Many a man has designated his outdoor living space as the new enclosed “man cave” complete with sound system and LCD televisions made to be used outdoors. All you need at that point is a grill, some buddies and you’ve got yourself the start of a good tailgate party – or you can kick everyone out and enjoy the peace and quiet of your personal space in your very own backyard.

The Safer Place To Place

Of course if you have kids then the whole concept of outdoor dinner parties, relaxing on the Virginia deck and social mingling are non-existent. But at least with a good deck design you can ensure that your backyard provides a safe place to get outdoors and play. You can even incorporate kid friendly designs (want to make a deck that looks like a castle?) like built in sandboxes, storage for toys and furniture that can withstand flying corner-post leaps of doom during those epic wrestling matches.

Knowing how you plan to use that outdoor space makes it much easier to envision just what you’re going to do and how you’re going to install that new Virginia deck.

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