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Creating A Rec Room in Your Virginia Basement

Your basement has sat alone for years, like the little kid that no one wanted to play with.  Your northern Virginia basement wept, his tears of moisture causing some water damage and making him smell like mold and mildew.  Finally, the day has come that you want to include him as a major player for your home team:  you need a recreation room for the kids and significant other.  While it may look like you’ve got an impossible job of making the scrawny sad Virginia basement into a beautiful enjoyable area, you’d be surprised how little effort it takes.

The first thing you’ll need to do to get your northern Virginia basement ready for the big change is to examine how much his “tears” have affected the overall structure.  Many people believe they need to totally remodel their Virginia basement when all they have is a small condensation problem.  In order to test for condensation, simply apply some tin foil over the damp spots on the wall and check it after a day or two.  If the moisture is on the outside of the foil, you’re dealing with a condensation issue.  If the water forms underneath, then you’ve got water coming in from the outside.

Condensation is an easy problem to take care of.  All you need to do is run some fans, get a dehumidifier, and apply a coating over your northern Virginia basement walls to clog your wall’s pores.  If you have cracks in your wall or water is seeping in from other areas, you’re going to have to take care of this first before you can start on your recreation room project.  If you’re not sure how bad your cracks are and what you can do about the excess water, the best thing you can do is to call some Virginia contractors.  They will be able to do an examination and help you fix your basement so there aren’t any more water issues.

Once you get the water issues out of the way and you have a dry Virginia basement, the next thing you’ll want to do is to concentrate on the floor and windows.  There are many options for each of these.  For flooring, you can stick with a concrete floor and simply stain it to match your walls or you can get new flooring installed.  There are a variety of flooring types that can go in basements, just check with your Virginia contractors. As for your windows, you’ll want to make sure you have all the natural lighting you can get.  If you don’t have any windows, you can have windows installed close to your ceiling so they will only have to dig a bit at the foundation of your house to install them.  If you’re not desperate for natural lighting, there are many lighting schemes that can both accent the room and make it a safe place for kids to play.

Once you’ve gone over the northern Virginia basement and gotten the water out, the floors and windows installed, you’ve got the best part ahead of you that is:  designing your dream recreation room with all proverbial bells and whistles attached. For example getting a minibar set up, a pinball machine, a wall mounted TV installed and the list could go on but no matter what you choose to add or not add, you will be safe knowing that the foundation of the recreation room has been examined and repaired.  With only a little bit of prep work, your sad lonely Virginia basement will turn into the number one teammate of your house.

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