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Buy Northern Virginia Real Estate Better With the Help of Renovators

Buying a home is an exciting time. Your family’s dreams play a big part in the search for that perfect house, but the process itself can be stressful. Wade through the selection of Northern Virginia real estate with the help of someone who knows what to look for in a house.

What Do Renovation and Real Estate Have In Common?

Renovations add to the value of real estate. When you’re searching for a new home, the upgrades and renovations can make or break your choice.  From landscaping and decks to flooring, kitchen remodels and basement renovations, any projects that alter the original condition of the house has an effect on the home’s marketable value.

Realtors often focus on the most recent renovations when they are contracted to sell a home. The problem is that they do not necessarily have the professional experience to properly gauge the project. Realtors know the value of a home inside and out, but the overall quality of a renovation may be beyond their expertise.

Renovations that need to be done can also play a part in a real estate transaction. If the property needs to be renovated or repairs are necessary that condition can make a difference to the negotiation, the overall price or the deal itself.

The Value of Professional Renovation Contractors

Professional renovators can offer you a “behind the walls” assessment of potential homes. Because of a renovation contractors experience with design and construction, they will be able to spot problems that traditional realtors can’t.

The quality of materials and professionalism of the installation can be easily spotted by an industry pro. Often homeowners will handle home improvements as a DIY project. But without the proper training those projects can actually turn into a disaster. You don’t want to be saddled with the problems of a renovation that was mishandled by an amateur.

How These Two Can Come Together

Much like you would take a used car to the mechanics for an inspection, you should always have a resale home looked at by an industry professional. Home inspectors are valuable, but you normally can’t afford to hire them until you have made an offer on a house. Realtors with professional renovation experience can give you advice on each home as it’s looked at, saving everyone time.

Although it may surprise you, northern Virginia real estate and renovations often go hand in hand. The value of a home is directly related to the quality and quantity of the renovations in it. When a property is on the market and requires renovations, that information can also be used to negotiate the price.

Without the advice of a professional renovator you will need to rely on the information given to the realtors on both sides, as well as relying on your own visual inspection. Professional realtors will know where to look and can point out both obvious and subtle indications of quality.

Get the wisdom and advantage of both professionals when shopping for northern Virginia real estate. A realtor can handle all of property and transaction details while renovation contractors offer valuable advice on the condition of each home. Tap into the best of both worlds and be more successful when shopping for a house.

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