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Adding Shade to Your Virginia Deck Design

As much as we long for the summer sun, when it finally gets here we find ourselves looking for a shady spot to relax in. For your health, as well as for more enjoyment in your backyard, incorporating a shade structure into your Virginia deck design is a wise plan. Whether you are adding to an existing deck or building from scratch, there are a few simple and affordable ways to make sure your deck can be comfortable even in the hottest days of summer.

The Covered Porch Look

There is something undoubtedly quaint about a covered porch. With a few rocking chairs set up or a porch swing swaying gently in the breeze, this style of deck on the front or the back of your home is functional and attractive. Consider how adding a roof structure over your deck would make it much more useable and cozy.

If you already have an overhang on your home design the deck space to fit underneath. You can certainly extend it past the roof to provide an area for sunbathing, but why not take advantage of the roof area that currently exists. Incorporate the support posts directly into the decking by bolting them to the deck surface. If space permits, use these existing posts as part of the railing system as well.

On homes without a sufficiently sized overhang one must be built. Roof extensions can be tricky depending on the roof line, so it’s best to ask your Virginia deck contractor for recommendations about the placement, size and style of roof before getting your heart set on this particular design.

Pergola Power

A pergola offers dappled shade and an attractive structure to grow vines and other greenery on. Made out of wood or composite, a pergola consists of posts and beams, as well as slats laid across on a perpendicular angle. You can layer the slats to create even more shade and some homeowners choose to cover the top with a solid material – like plexiglass, outdoor quality tarp, etc. This will provide better protection from the rain and more shade.

Pergolas can also be dressed up with scrolls and trim. Hang flower pots from the beams and place benches or patio furniture underneath for a beautiful scene. This shade structure can be as fancy or as plain as you like and a pergola will fit seamlessly into your deck design. If you prefer, pergolas can also be set up in the yard away from the patio. A smaller model works well as an arbor over your walkway or in the garden for climbing vines. The possibilities with this shade structure are nearly endless.

Awnings For Every Occasion

An awning is an excellent option for those homeowners who may want shade some of the time, but still desire occasional access to the full sun. Smaller decks work well with a retractable awning that can be opened and closed as your mood dictates. Be sure to install a model that has heavy duty mechanisms that will stand the test of time and operate efficiently.

Whether it’s a covered porch, pergola, awning or some other structure, adding shade to your Virginia deck design will allow you to enjoy the deck space more this summer. Well worth the investment, these additions will compliment your deck when designed and built by a professional.

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