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5 Potential Bathroom Flooring Options

Whether you’re stumbling in your bathroom in the early morning, half awake or coming in to take a soothing bath, your feet will be touching it.  If your feet aren’t touching it, your shoes will be.

Every member of your family from the kids to the pet dog will eventually make their way through and their feet will be touching and eventually wearing on the most important part of your Virginia bathroom:  the floor.  Before remodeling your Virginia bathroom, take a look at the following list of materials that can be used to jazz up your Virginia bathroom.

1.    Carpet.  While carpet is always an option, it’s one of the worst materials you can use for your Virginia flooring.   Carpet will attract moisture and can be a great habitat for mold.
2.    Hardwood.  While hardwood can provide a more attractive look to your bathroom, hardwood flooring in Virginia bathrooms is also a poor choice.  Moisture can get into the wood and cause it to warp, quickly ruining the original beauty it had when it was installed.
3.    Laminate flooring.  Choosing laminate flooring in the Virginia bathroom is a much better choice than hardwood or carpet.  Although laminate flooring is simply covering over wood, each piece of laminate is glued to the adjoining piece, making it almost impossible for water to get through and warp the wood.   Laminate flooring is also sturdy and durable, making it a good choice for anyone with a family.
4.    Sheet or tile vinyl.  Vinyl flooring is one of the better options available for your Virginia bathroom flooring since it is waterproof.  Vinyl tiles come in thousands of different colors and styles, allowing for the best customization for your Virginia bathroom remodel project.  Vinyl flooring is also cheap, making it good for remodeling on a budget.  The only problem with vinyl flooring is that it will look and feel like vinyl, which some people don’t like.
5.    Ceramic tile.  Ceramic tile is possibly the best option for your Virginia bathroom remodel project due to its textured and solid feeling.  It feels good under the feet and is also waterproof, making it an ideal bathroom flooring option.  The most common complaint about ceramic tile is that it can get very cold, so those family members that run around without slippers will definitely notice the temperature difference when they walk on it.  There are ways to combat the cold tiles however, it will add to the cost of your Virginia bathroom remodel project.

These are only a few of the options that are available out there for your Virginia bathroom remodel project.  If you should have a bathroom that gets hardly any use except for that guest once a year, you may find that carpet is ideal.  However, should you have a bathroom that gets high traffic and heavy use, you’ll want to look at the waterproof materials like vinyl or ceramic tile. By choosing the right flooring, you can create a beautiful bathroom that people want to use and you can avoid potential problems in the future by selecting the right materials.

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