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5 Big Choices For Remodeling Your Virginia Kitchen

The popularity of Virginia Kitchen remodeling is undeniable, but so many home owners jump into the decision without properly considering all of the options and consequences of their choices. Here are some quick descriptions of the biggest choices you will be facing.


Cabinetry is possibly the most prominent feature in any kitchen. Updated, professionally installed cabinets can take a drab kitchen that is showing its age and turn them into something sleek and interesting. Creative designers can develop plans that better use the space you have available as well as help choosing the hardware, finish, and style for your new cabinets.

You will also want to determine what materials your cabinets are constructed from so you know when you will have to replace them in the future. Your options range from inexpensive, but less durable particle board, to extremely expensive, but built to last plywood cabinets.


Kitchen flooring options are quite vast and include:

  • Ceramic Tile
  • Stone
  • Split Brick
  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl

Carpeting was popular for some time, but is impractical and far from waterproof, so it isn’t recommended. When setting your tile pattern, a diagonal look is more visually interesting, but adds to the labor costs of installation. Another way to spice up the look of you floor is by adding a contrasting border.


The kitchen probably houses more appliances than any other room in your home. With all of the cooking and cleaning along with the food storage, the bill for new appliances adds up quickly. Gas ranges are generally considered better for cooking than electric. If you do go electric, consider a model with a convection oven, which can save both time and energy when cooking. When you are choosing a refrigerator, always buy an Energy Star model and make sure that it contains all of the square footage you need while maintaining a small enough footprint to fit in your kitchen.

It is important to remain focused on the function of each appliance slightly more than the look of the piece. There are many different looks for you to choose from, solid colors in smooth or textured surfaces, but the most popular trend right now is brushed stainless steel for that professional industrial kitchen look.


Your choice of countertop materials is almost as numerous as flooring. On the budget minded end, plastic laminates and other synthetic materials are available in a practically infinite number of colors and finishes. If you are going to go all out, solid stone counter tops are a very popular choice for those with a pocket book that will withstand the damage.


Fixtures fall into two categories: Plumbing and electrical. Electrical fixtures in your kitchen are most likely all going to be lights and it is vital that the entire area of the kitchen is lit very well. For light sensitive individuals, it would be beneficial to add dimmer switches so that they can work in the kitchen as well.

Your plumbing fixtures are mostly going to be the sink and faucet. 99% of kitchen sinks are stainless steel, but you may able to dress up the edges a little bit with some trim work. Your real style choice comes with the faucet and handles, where you can let your creative side shine in your Virginia kitchen.

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